3 Makeup Brushes Every Fashionista Should Own

Whether you have ever weighed in on the debates around the perfect tools for applying makeup (the brushes vs. fingertips vs. sponges debates) or you are just working on the perfect set of makeup brushes for your needs, there are a few key points to know. Among them is this: You do not need a huge assortment of brushes to enjoy the best control during makeup application. While some articles tout the need for nearly a dozen specific brushes and applicators, and others insist that a set needs eight or more brushes to be complete, we would argue that there are three brushes that are absolute essentials.

The best makeup brushes to own include:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Blush

With just these three, you can get the even coverage, softening and accenting you need for a flawless makeup application.

Understanding Makeup Brushes

Of course, there is always going to be confusion about makeup brushes because there is not always a universal set of names for them. As an example, when looking for the best powder makeup brushes for your collection, you may find that there are foundation brushes in an array of shapes. What you need is a brush that gives you control enough to do precise coverage. Why not a larger and rounder brush? You can often find that in a blush or powder brush. Instead, foundation brushes may be in different sizes, but will not be loose and rounded like other brushes, but more tapered and refined.

For a truly refined application, makeup brushes must allow you to achieve specific effects. So, when speaking about something like the foundation brush, you will usually do best if you have a taper for optimal control and precision.

Powder brushes and blush brushes are similar in appearance, but you will find they are quite different in overall design and size. The blush brush, for example, is designed to evenly distribute color to the cheeks. With a bit of an angle to meet the cheekbone and define specific areas, it is often the perfect choice for applying blushers, bronzers and some powders.

The powder brush, on the other hand is always meant for pressed or loose powders and features bristles that allow you to evenly disperse makeup over a wider area. It is, in fact, the most widely used of all makeup brushes and is perfect when doing your “finishing touch” or softening any areas of the face.

How to Have the Best Powder Makeup Brushes

Now that you know the three key makeup brushes to bring into your collection, there is one last thing to learn about having the best powder makeup brushes in your tool set. And that one last thing is simple: Your brushes are never long-term investments. Many people mistakenly believe that a makeup brush is something that lasts for years and years. It is actually something that lasts for weeks, and even with frequent cleaning, needs to be replaced often.

If you want the best makeup brushes, use the tips above and find a brand that you can easily replace on a regular basis. Fans of BEAUTIAC can count on them for ethically-made, subscription-based cosmetics, including powder, foundation and blush brushes.