3 Skin Conditions That Get Worse with the Use of Dirty Brushes

Do you love your makeup collection like a mother loves her child? If you are a Beautiac like we are, your answer is probably closer to yes than no. One thing all makeup lovers are guilty of is not washing their makeup brushes as often as they should. There are too many products to try, looks to create, and selfies to snap to waste your time on that, right?

But when you consider what dirty makeup brushes can do to your face, your attitude towards this chore may change. Here are three skin conditions that can get a lot worse simply because you haven’t cleaned your tools.

Dirty Makeup Brushes Make Acne Worse

What happens when makeup brushes get dirty? Old makeup, dead skin cells, natural oils from our faces, and things such as dust and airborne bacteria, all collect in the fibers of the bristles. Now imagine putting that on your face, and you can see how this would quickly clog up your pores. If you already struggle with acne, this could be a very big problem.

Got Wrinkles? Dirty Brushes Could Make Them Worse

The reason that we get wrinkles is due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. This is a natural process that happens with time, but nothing says we have to encourage it to happen any sooner than it needs to! When you use dirty brushes, the bacteria that could be hiding in the bristles can cause stress on the skin, which can then lead to even more breakdown of these important proteins. Don’t let your makeup brushes be the reason you feel the need to wear more makeup!

Puffy, Irritated Skin Isn’t Helped by Dirty Brushes, Either

Do you have constantly puffy, irritated skin? If you have very sensitive skin, you already know that putting on makeup can be a bit of a struggle. From the products you use, down to the pressure you apply them with, you can irritate sensitive skin easily. When your makeup brushes are full of bacteria and potentially even things such as mold and viruses, it just makes your sensitive skin even more irritated.

Prevent These Problems and More

Preventing your skin from getting worse is as simple as cleaning your brushes at least once per week. Be sure to let them dry thoroughly before you use them again, and use either a natural brush cleaner, or a mild hand soap, to massage the old makeup and other particles out of the bristles. Try not to get the handle ( or the ferrule that connects the handle to the brushes) wet to keep your brushes lasting longer. Just this one step towards prevention can do wonders for your skin!