5 Unique Makeup Trends You Should Be Using Now

While it may have seemed like neutral glam was all the rage for far too long, makeup lovers have started to take over and create unique trends that are making their way all the way to Hollywood. With fashion models and red-carpet celebs now sporting some of the trendiest looks from Instagram, it’s time to give a few of these things a go. Here are five fun things you can do with your face – grab your makeup brushes and have a blast!

Dress Up Your Cheeks

This is the year for bold blush in bright colors that you probably avoided in the past. Take your cue from the runway and blend on some hot pink or neon orange blush in a big C-shape around your eye socket, all along the cheeks and temples. We recommend using big, fluffy makeup brushes to get the most diffused look.

Go Neon on Your Eyes

This year, makeup companies are dipping their toe into the world of color in a big way. Gone are the warm berry tones that dominated the industry for the last several years. This year, look for orange the shade of traffic cones, red the shade of a stop light, and blue that reminds you of neon bar signs.

Creative Eyebrows Are Still Happening

Don’t want to ruin your favorite makeup brushes with super bold makeup trends? Here’s something you can try that doesn’t require buying anything. Creative eyebrow shapes are an Instagram trend that are slowly making their way into the world. Try feathered brows, fishtail brows, or even brows accented by rhinestones, to give your go-to look a fresh update.

Colored Mascara Pumps Up a Basic Look

Just want to dip your toe into new makeup trends? Try a colored mascara! Everything from bright teal to nude-colored lashes are gaining popularity. Pair a bold mascara color with a nude eye look and you have a fun, daytime-appropriate pop of color. You can also get creative if you have patience. Try ombre lashes for a unique party look.

Lipstick Is Not Just for Lips

Gone are the days when you needed to have blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, highlighter, bronzer, and more, just to get one look. These days, multi-use products are the trendiest makeup innovation. Lipstick can easily be used as a cream blush, or even a bronzer if it’s the right shade. If it’s eye-safe, go ahead and blend it on your eyelid for an effortless monochromatic look all over your face.

Love these five makeup trends? We do, too! Let us know which is your favorite, and which you’ll be trying out first. Grab your favorite products, your makeup brushes, and try them all – or just give one bold new look a go this year.