Are Plant-Based Skin Care Products Really All That? We Think So. Here's Why

Maybe you already know that there is a long list of benefits enjoyed by those who opt to eat a plant-based diet, and that the benefits extend beyond health and wellness. There are additional benefits such as it being good for the environment and the future, less likely to cause harmful reactions, and even better for animals. All of these benefits apply to natural skin care, too. It is why we recommend you turn to all natural and plant-based skin care solutions whenever you can.

Natural Skin Care and Its Benefits

Unfortunately, shopping for natural skin care can be as confusing as shopping for traditional skin care solutions and products. You’ll see things like “natural” or “organic”, but you’ll have to understand what such terms mean if you want to be sure you are enjoying the many benefits of natural skin care.

As one expert said of this, “natural can mean, ‘we use some natural ingredients,’ and cruelty-free can mean ‘we still test our products on animals in China.’” So, it really does pay to take the time and source your natural skin care solutions carefully, as that is the only way you get to enjoy such benefits as:

  • Authentically eco-friendly and non-toxic to the environment
  • Honestly cruelty-free
  • Capable of being biodegradable or compostable
  • Truly organic and/or chemical free

Yet, that is not the end to the many benefits of natural skin care. This is because truly natural products come with a lot of further benefits. For instance, the ingredients are gentler, yet just as effective and you may find that your skin ends up far more soft, supple and smooth because there are no drying agents, synthetic lathering ingredients or artificial scents and colors. These are all things that can cue allergies and irritation, dry out and even wrinkle the skin, and cause issues that natural skin care solutions never will. You may find that skin conditions such as acne, frequent breakouts, redness or puffiness are also eliminated by switching to an all-natural regimen. Lastly, you may also discover that the natural products end up being cheaper than the traditional, chemical-laden options.

Sure, it’s nice to turn to a trusted or well-known (or even trending) brand because you are sure you’ll get all that is promised from it, but this will always cost you. Natural products come with the built-in benefit of using limited ingredients, readily available natural ingredients, and costing less.

Skin Care Solutions Beyond Serums, Cleansers and Creams

Keep in mind that your natural beauty regimen should not be about the products alone. You also have to consider the tools you use, such as applicators, sponges and brushes. Whether it is skin care or makeup, you need to be sure you are not counteracting your goals by using applicators or brushes that harbor irritating allergens, oils and bacteria. You want supplies that are as eco-friendly as the materials they help you apply to your skin. One good solution is the subscription based services of BEAUTIAC that deliver natural and eco-friendly supplies right to your door, along with the benefits of natural skin care solutions.