Are Wedding Bells Ringing? 5 Makeup Tips for Blushing Brides

Whether you have no idea about how to use makeup brushes or you are worried about wedding-day jitters, there are a few key makeup tips that most brides must follow. Among the most important is this: Ask for help with your makeup OR hire a professional! There are just so many “what if” issues and all kinds of issues to manage that you don’t want to also find yourself stressed about your makeup. Below are five of the most important tips for wedding-day makeup, and though they range from such simple advice as purchasing replacement brushes to choosing colors carefully, each is as vital as the next.

Don’t Know How to Use Makeup Brushes? Call the Experts

If you began preparing for your wedding day makeup by watching some of the legions of makeup tutorials, you might think, “I have no idea how to use the makeup brushes shown!” After all, with so many different influencers making videos, writing articles and touting products, you can begin to feel overwhelmed.

That is why our first tip is to work with an expert. Yes, you could go out and get yourself a brand-new set of brushes or replacement brushes for your older tools, and then practice for weeks and weeks ahead of time. Yet, why add the stress of it to the big day?

Instead, hire a professional and bring friends or family members to a few test runs for makeup styles. Wear any veils or headpieces and even bring jewelry to see how it all looks. After all, practice makes perfect, and the lead up to your big day is not the time to focus on learning how to use makeup brushes!

Replacement Brushes and Newer Tools

Our second tip is for you to buy replacement brushes and/or new tools if you have not done so in the past few months. These are NOT tools you will use on your wedding day. They are simply tools that prevent you from dealing with breakouts, eye or skin infections and other issues caused by dirty and old brushes. Even brushes washed once a week can only last for a short time due to bacteria and buildup. Cut risks of problems by getting new brushes.

Third, think about the lighting of the wedding venues. Try out the makeup in bright daylight only if that is the setting for your event. Go to darker places if your wedding has low-key, nighttime lighting, and so on.

Fourth, think shine and sparkle. Wedding days are all about freshness, and you’ll want to have a clear gloss application on your hair, lips and nails. This keeps your hair in place and gives it shine, leaves your lips kissable and bright, and ensures your hands are super-photogenic.

Lastly, don’t forget your neck and upper chest. This is something many brides overlook, and you’ll want to ensure your appearance is smooth and even for the big day.

So, whether you want to learn how to use makeup brushes, find replacement brushes, or just experiment with a few new honeymoon looks, turn to premium suppliers like BEAUTIAC, which offers subscription-based, ethically-made cosmetics.