Best Ways to Organize Makeup Products - Here Are Our Favorites

Do you put all of your makeup brushes in a little cup by the sink? Maybe you have one of those “over the toilet” cabinets or racks meant to help organize all of your makeup tools, toiletries and other items? Maybe it’s all jammed in baskets and buckets beneath the bathroom sink? Either way, these may not be doing you much good because they are not as clean, efficient or appealing as they can be.

Simple Steps to Organize Makeup Brushes, Beauty Products and All Other Makeup Tools

To get started, you need to create a blank slate. Yes, that means taking out all of the makeup brushes, beauty products and toiletries, and the different makeup tools. Lay them out somewhere you can see them all at once – your bed is great for this.

Now, start separating them into functional groups. As the simplest example, you may keep nail polishes in one place and yet store nail grooming tools with your other makeup tools. This is inefficient and unsanitary. Instead, keep themed items together. Groupings can include things like hair products and tools, skin care products and applicators, and all of the beauty products with their makeup brushes and other applicators (like sponges and pads). Don’t forget that tweezers, eyelash curlers and other makeup tools fall into that grouping.

Look at Your Space and Your Routine

After you’ve got groups organized, be honest about the ways that you might use different items each day or night. For instance, if you don’t use your nail products often, set them to one side. These can be stored in a cabinet or drawer rather than a counter or exposed shelf.

The goal with this step is to keep the things you use every day (and night) in easy reach. For example, your day and night skin care regimen should be stored in a way that is readily accessible. One of our favorites is to invest in an attractive set of shelves and small trays that fit them snugly. Then simply keep your daily cleansers, serums, moisturizers and other items in them and within easy reach from the sink. Keep swabs and cotton balls in attractive jars on lower shelves and store small facial towels there, too.

Separate Area for Makeup?

Makeup and makeup brushes need to be considered seriously. We like the idea of a space away from the bathroom sink for makeup applications – such as a brightly lit dressing table. This keeps the brushes free of the dampness and airborne bacteria that linger in the bathroom, and helps prolong their use. The same can be said of makeup that can be harmed by the higher temperatures and damp air.

A dressing table with a brush organizer is ideal. BEAUTIAC offers the Smart Stand, named such because it was designed “smart,” to keep brushes separated while standing up; this  allows your makeup brushes to breathe and keeps bacteria at bay. It has a 3-D silicon woven topper providing flexibility to hold several sizes of cosmetic products, all at once.

We also like the palettes that can be filled and refilled with your favorite eye shadows and powdered makeup. You can even pop the small trays out of pre-packaged products and store them in your own DIY palette!

Lots of beauty experts offer all kinds of tips and tactics for storing beauty supplies, and most emphasize cleanliness and ease of use. One way to ensure things like makeup brushes and tools remain in top shape is to replace them on a regular basis. In addition to offering great organizing tools like the Smart Stand, BEAUTIAC also streamlines replacing your makeup brushes and sponges regularly with their subscription services that let you focus on using, rather than just organizing, all these goodies.