Check Out These Skin Care Products that Pull Double Duty

Whether you are seeking out solutions in natural skin care because you are dedicated to a as cruelty-free or eco-friendly a skincare regimen as possible, or you just like the idea of purer products, we have some useful skin care tips  to help. In addition to a few natural skin care products, we’ll also look at some that do “double duty” by providing you with multiple benefits from each application or use. This way, you get a lot of bang for your buck, as well as better skin!

Products for the Natural Skin Care Enthusiasts

In the world of skin care tips and natural skin care it would be tough to find a heavier lifter than rosewater. Made by steeping rose petals or as part of the rose oil extraction process, it provides amazing benefits to the skin and hair.

For example, it is anti-inflammatory and reduces the symptoms of acne, eczema and dermatitis. It hydrates without making the skin oily, and it combats bacterial issues while helping to heal cuts or scars. It is also astringent and deep cleans pores while toning skin and helps to strengthen cells and tissues. To use it, just spritz it on the face as part of the daily routine or to set makeup.

Skin Care Tips for Double Duty Products

Do you wash your face daily? Do you use tap water? If so, one of the best skin care tips for you is to switch over to micellar water. You probably see it everywhere without knowing what it, technically, means. It takes its name from the micelles or oil molecules that are suspended in the “soft water.” It feels and looks just like plain old water but is a bit slicker.

When you use it, the oil molecules attach to any and all dirts and oils, and break them down. In other words, they clean but don’t strip the skin of the oil it needs to remain in good condition.

How is this double duty? Well, you won’t need to use a daily cleanser to get your face clean, nor do you need to use harsh makeup removers if you have done a lighter application. It can be the ideal evening facial cleanser, leaving your skin hydrated and supple but also clean.

Another category of double duty products are the BB and CC creams appearing everywhere. BB means blemish balm, but now also signifies beauty balm as well. They are meant to conceal blemishes but also feature ingredients that will not irritate or worsen them. These ingredients work like sun block, too. So, there’s the double duty. Yet, because they are tinted, they can often work as foundation.

CC creams are color and correct creams that provide sun protection as well as the ability to even out the skin, brighten it, and correct the color of the skin in the same way a light foundation might provide. It, too, could serve as an ultra-light foundation with the double duty advantage of brightening out any areas where this is needed.

Finally one of the best skin care tips for natural skin care is to pay attention to your brushes and applicators. The dirt, bacteria and oil they contain can be extremely problematic. Simply replacing them every four to six weeks can boost your skin’s health and your makeup applications’ effectiveness. BEAUTIAC makes it easy to use this tip by supplying subscription-based services to keep your routine on track and optimized.