Do You Have the Right Tools for the Job? Five Makeup Tools Every Woman Should Use

Maybe you’re just diving into the realm of makeup for the first time, or maybe you’ve been using cosmetics for years; either way, do you own the best makeup tools for great application every time?

There are literally hundreds of makeup tools out there - from professional makeup brushes for every part of your face, to eyelash curlers, eyebrow combs and blending sponges. It’s a bit overwhelming. Some women own upwards of 30 brushes!

Rather than review every kind of tool known to man (or probably woman, in this case), we decided to narrow it down to the five best makeup tools every woman should own. If you had to simplify your life and toss out all your makeup tools and just keep what is most essential, this is what you’d be left with.

And with these five, you can still apply an amazing amount of products and look put together, without sacrificing beauty or time.

  1. Foundation Brush. If you’re a newbie to makeup, you may have seen a female role model or someone in a movie putting on her foundation with her fingers. It’s hard to control the amount of product that is applied, or create a well-blended effect with your fingers, however.

Instead, professional makeup brushes will make for a much smoother, more even application. Choose a good-quality synthetic (non-animal hair) brush to apply your foundation. Firm, synthetic fibers will absorb less of your liquid or cream foundation than natural fibers. You should also opt for a flat-ish, tapered brush for foundation - it will help you reach and blend across all the uneven surfaces around your nose, eyes and mouth.

  1. Large Powder Brush. Some women will have separate brushes for powder and blush, but since we’re simplifying, here,  you can effectively choose one brush to use for any kind of powder. You’ll need to find a fluffy, round brush for dusting on powder or blush. It will have soft, looser fibers for picking up powder and depositing it on your skin as you swirl the brush. Good for face powder, blush or bronzer.
  2. Eyeshadow Brush. Yes, many eyeshadow palettes come with a teensy foam-padded application wand, but these aren’t the best for well-blended eyeshadow. Instead, invest in a proper eyeshadow blending brush. Professional makeup brushes for eyeshadow come in square- or dome-shaped heads and help to buff eyeshadows to prevent harsh lines of color, and create seamless blends. Eyeshadow brushes can help you apply powder or cream shadows, and can even be used to apply highlighter to your brow bone or add pigment in the crease of your lids for extra drama.
  3. Pencil brush. A pencil brush can wear many hats, making it one of your most versatile brushes. Also known as a concealer brush, it is a small, rounded brush with a pointed end. The pointed end holds onto product - like concealer - and deposits it exactly where you need it.

This brush also comes in handy for applying pencil or gel eyeliner along your lash line. its rounded shape makes it easier to use than a flat brush and will eliminate harsh makeup lines. In a pinch, it can also be used as an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows!

  1. Beauty Sponge. Sponges are great go-tos for blending lines and splotches across your face and around your eyes after you’ve applied your foundation, highlight, contour, concealer and/or blush. Or, some people even prefer them in place of a brush for the initial application of their cream or liquid foundation. A slightly dampened sponge can be buffed across the skin to create a lovely airbrushed effect. They even handle powders well.   

Those are the five best makeup tools we recommend having in your makeup arsenal. A quick note about makeup brushes in general, though, and especially if you’re using a single brush for multiple purposes: make sure they are CLEAN.

Keep Your Brushes Clean

Do not use a dirty brush to apply makeup to your face. The consequences can range anywhere from uneven makeup texture to clogged pores, acne, and yucky skin and eye infections. For healthier skin and safer brushes, clean them once a week with natural soap, baby shampoo or a brush cleanser, then lay them flat on a clean towel to dry thoroughly.

Even with regular cleaning, however, brushes don’t last forever. You’ll need to replace them on a regular basis to make sure you’re using sanitary brushes to apply your cosmetics.

You may want to consider a subscription makeup brush service that provides replacement brushes once a month to cut down on your need to wash your brushes. Beautiac is one such service that ships three new replacement brush heads, plus a dye-free blur sponge, to you every month. Your old brush heads pop off the universal handles that you receive in your initial starter kit, then you snap the new brush heads on for clean, healthy skin.

Professional makeup brushes can be at your fingertips without having to search through stores and online - Beautiac provides a foundation brush, blush brush, and powder brush each month, and all are cruelty-free and completely recyclable. Prices start at only $16.50/month.