Easy Fixes to the 5 Most Common Beauty Mistakes

In the seemingly endless world of makeup tips, you don’t often find articles pointing out mistakes. For example, smoky and heavily made-up eyes are a big trend, but they can also reveal huge makeup mistakes. Clumped mascara? Old, out-of-date applicators or makeup brushes is the cause. The easy fix? Invest in the right brushes!

These 5 common beauty mistakes have easy-to-use makeup tips that overcome them without a lot of difficulty, practice, spending and so on.

5 Simple Makeup Tips to Answer 5 Common Beauty Blunders

1. The clumps – Let’s go back to that example above to reconsider one of the biggest beauty mistakes – using tools and makeup brushes that create less than desirable outcomes. While you’ll often find makeup tips explaining that you should apply mascara from root to tip, many don’t finish the advice. For example, does your collection of makeup brushes include an eyebrow comb? This can be gently pulled through lashes after application to separate, lengthen and give a clean finish.

2. And while speaking of makeup brushes…Another problem with an easy remedy involves replacing makeup brushes more frequently. Many people use dirty brushes and applicators. Though you can wash brushes (and should do so as often as you clean dishes!), they inevitably build up dirt and bacteria over time. Investing in high-priced brushes that hold dirt, oil and debris is a major mistake and leads to flawed applications and less appealing looks. General rule: If something touches your face, mouth or eye – ensure it is as clean as possible.

3. And on the subject of keeping things too long…You know that all makeup and beauty products expire, right? It is a very good idea to use a permanent marker to write the date you first used any makeup item on the container. Keep no powder products (blush, shadow, and so on) beyond two years, and be sure to toss mascara after three months and lip products after a year. Foundation and eyeliners should be replaced in six months.

4. One dimension – Your face is not flat like a canvas or piece of paper. It has edges and contours that need more than a single coating of foundation. As one expert wrote, “Add color and life with well-blended colors and textures. A swipe of bronzer, a pop of blush on your cheeks, and a smudge of highlight on your cheekbones add back the dimension.”

5. Wearing it to bed – One of the biggest blunders (that can be solved with simple makeup tips) is to fail to remove makeup at the end of the day. Yes, it can be a pain at the end of a long day, but it prevents breakouts, premature aging, and risk of infection or bacterial issues.

Begin With Makeup Brushes

If you want to quickly put these tips to use, start with the simplest of them all – replacing outdated makeup brushes. Don’t go for another set of high-priced brushes that cannot be cleaned properly. Instead, turn to the super simple subscription options from BEAUTIAC, which help you avoid the worst makeup mistakes and provide regular replacement makeup and brushes.