Get All Dolled Up for Your Sweetie With These Gorgeous Valentine's Day Looks

Trends are trends, and not all are a good fit for everyone.

Take the basic night out makeup looks that focus on heavier brows and deeply saturated lip colors. Maybe your complexion doesn’t work with that look!

The good news is that we’ve pulled together some great Valentine's makeup tips that include night out makeup looks, but also some common sense steps easy to overlook.

Like what?

The usual: create your best look with great skin care, even out discoloration, and use the right tools (i.e. makeup brushes) for the best results.

Night Out Makeup Looks Start with Great Skin Care

We could supply you with the very best Valentine's makeup tips and looks, but few would come out perfectly if your skin is rough, dry and uneven in tone and texture.

That means that your first step should always be to cleanse and use various serums and moisturizers based on your skin’s specific needs.

Because February is often the “heating season,” almost everyone can benefit from some gentle exfoliation, a light peel, or an effective hydrating mask (or even a combination of them all).

To ensure your night out makeup looks are a success, why not treat yourself to a few hours of spa-like skin care at home?

Start with a light wash and some exfoliation. Then use one of those fun and insanely easy paper facial masks available everywhere. You can find them with soaked with serums for any sort of skin type or issue.

Once done, apply a good moisturizer and once dry, use a makeup primer that evens out the skin and helps to make it look and feel its best.

Don’t Count on Romantic Lighting!

Another of our top Valentine's makeup tips is to avoid disaster by neutralizing any areas of discoloration on the face. In other words, don’t count on low-key lighting to hide any redness, circles, breakouts, and so on.

As an example, if you are suffering from areas of redness due to wintery irritation or even rosacea, experiment with a green-hued concealer.

If you have dark circles, counteract with a fleshier hued concealer or even a yellow toned product if your circles are distinctly purple.

Emphasize the Kisser

Once you’ve got your skin in radiant condition and made any slight corrections for uneven tone or discoloration, it is time to focus on one of the best night out makeup looks.

What is that?

A beautifully painted, irresistible red pout.

“Wait,” you might think, “Red lipstick always looks awful on me!”

We hear you, and we’ve experienced the pain of red lip disappointment, too.

However, it’s not you that looks bad in red lipstick. No, it is the lipstick that is ruining your romantic look.

It is difficult to blindly choose the right red. Yes, you might love that amazing plum-soaked red or that boldly coral color, but it may be wrong for your skin tone.

Experts in Valentine's makeup tips say that you must use the following method for selecting the right reds for your lips:

  • If you are fair (pale with a pinker undertone to your skin) – Go for pink and blue based hues. As one said, “think raspberries” that “pick up the pink tones in your complexion and really make your smile pop”
  • If you have a light complexion (such as a yellower undertone with darker hair) – You need to veer more towards the orange-hued reds, such as a coral that picks out the yellow tones of your skin
  • If you are medium toned (such as someone who can easily suntan without burning) – You also need a more coral and orange-hued red that brightens the complexion OR you can try some blue-hued reds, such as a plum hue
  • If you have olive skin – You are best off choosing a rusty or even brick red lipstick to go with your earthier toned complexion
  • If you have a tan to caramel complexion (think Beyoncé) – You get to go with the authentic cherry red lipsticks that enhance the warm tones of your skin
  • If you have golden to darker skin (with yellow undertones) – You get to experiment (lucky thing!) because true reds and even coral reds can look great on you! You’ll also find that a lot of blue-hued reds and plums look amazing on this skin tone
  • If you have a deeper complexion – You can go bold with an orange-hued red or a bluer hue such as a merlot or deep wine hue

Explore options in color and finish. Try matte as well as glossy, experiment with pencils and see what looks best with your skin AND your teeth (this is one of the night out makeup looks and Valentine's makeup tips that many overlook). Then, figure out how to finish the look.

Valentine's Makeup Tips Beyond the Perfect Red Lip

What other night out makeup looks should you consider? Our Valentine's makeup tips also include:

  • Keeping the eye simple, but don’t hesitate to do a curled lash, a light smoky finish, or a cat’s eye
  • Making certain the complexion is “dewy” with the right foundation and touch of “shimmer”
  • Using high points to bring “light” to your face

Clearly, these night out makeup looks don’t let you avoid exploring options in color, texture and finish. Only you can figure out what looks best.

However, when you use these Valentine's makeup tips (including great skin condition, the perfect red lip and lighter touches to the rest of the face), you’ll look and feel your best.

Remember that “night out makeup looks” at any time of the year require more than carefully chosen cosmetics. The best everyday makeup tips, as well as Valentine's makeup tips, won’t be effective if you don’t have good tools.

Every makeup kit needs reliable and high quality foundation, powder and blush brushes as well as a dependable sponge for blurring, dabbing and blending. BEAUTIAC supplies experts and novices alike with premium, recyclable and cruelty-free brush subscriptions that ensure the best applications, as well as germ-free brushes. And they are delivered to your door when you need them!