Get Your Daughter Started Off Right with This Basic Skin Care Routine for Young Teens

What’s your daily skin care routine? If it is formatted along expert lines, it looks something like this:

  1. Cleanse and tone
  2. Use serums for specific issues
  3. Moisturize (and apply sun block for daytime)
  4. Use exfoliators, masks and peels on a regular basis or as needed

Are you also keeping track of the ages of makeup brushes and cosmetics? That, too, should be a major part of your regular skin care routine.

And interestingly enough, it can also be a model for the basic routine you teach your children. Though there will be some basic differences in the approaches used (due to differences in teen and adult skin), the outline is similar.

A Teenage Skin Care Routine

How would a teen’s skin be so different? Hormones can make it more likely for an overproduction of sebum or oil, and this is one cause for teens to suffer through ongoing breakouts, acne and oily skin. A teen’s skin care routine needs to take that into consideration. So, instead of serums, they would use anti-acne treatments or products to control oil.

With that in mind, here is a basic program to teach your teen child:

1. Always remove makeup – Teens fall into the easy habit of heading to bed with makeup still in place. This can worsen breakouts and acne, so ensure that they understand that they need to remove makeup every night.

2. Don’t share makeup or makeup brushes – Another issue that teens face is that they like to share makeup with friends, but this, too, can cause breakouts and transfer bacteria from brushes to makeup, making it an ongoing issue until the products are replaced.

3. Cleanse twice daily – A cleansing each morning and again in the evening is essential for basic skin care, and if a child plays sports, they’ll need to wash their face after activities – even if they do not shower.

4. Tone or control oil – Toning cleans out the pores and conditions the skin, but it can be drying. If your child’s skin dries out too much from toning, try to use blotting papers or a salicylic acid cleanser instead.

5. Exfoliate – This can be done once or twice each week to balance the skin, remove dead cells and keep things in balance.

6. Use acne products if needed – It can be tempting to ignore acne and think it will go away, but it is often worse than it seems. It can be an ongoing infection in the skin and so it is important to get proper acne products; it will ensure the best outcomes from skin care routines.

7. Replace makeup and makeup brushes often – Experts say that makeup brushes should be replaced once every 30 days, and you can even find subscription-based makeup services that help you and your teen remain on a healthy skin care routine.

Makeup Brushes and Beyond

If you want to begin getting your cosmetics, makeup brushes, and other beauty products on a regular basis in order to optimize skin care, BEAUTIAC is a great resource. Offering ethically made products, they can ensure you and your teen have what you need for the best and healthiest skin.