Go Bold. Best Tips for Rocking Bright Colors this Summer!

Summer is calling! The weather is warming up, and you are getting ready to break out all of your summer wardrobe favorites like tanks tops and shorts.

But your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that changes when the weather warms up.

Your makeup routine will also need to get a seasonal update. Summer is full of amazing things like pool parties, cocktails on the patio, and lazy days at the beach. It shouldn’t mean melting makeup, though.  

How do you keep up with the seasonal makeup trends without having smeared eyeliner and melty lipstick?

You can relax. We have the makeup tips you need to ensure that you are rocking all of the seasonal makeup trends and looking just as flawless as you did in the winter months. You will feel fresh and look pretty, even when mother nature cranks up the heat.

Let’s get started!  

It’s All About the Bass...er Base

Just like an artist, you need a good canvas before you can work your art. That means you are going to have to care for your skin so that it is smooth and blemish free all summer long.

This may mean switching to an oil-free moisturizer and an oil-free foundation. You will naturally be sweatier and oilier in the summer. Make changes to accommodate, and you will keep your skin blemish-free all season long.  

Get Your Primer

Even if you don’t use a primer in the cooler months, it is a good idea to invest in one for the summer months. Even the most fabulous seasonal makeup trends will look terrible if it doesn’t stay in place.

Using a good, light-weight primer will help hold your makeup in place. Yet, it won’t feel heavy on your skin, and the time it takes to add this step will definitely be worth it when you are still looking great at the end of the day.

Don’t Be Heavy-Handed with the Bronzer

You already know that everyone looks amazing with a little bronzer on. The teeth look a little whiter. The eyes look a little brighter. It might literally be a miracle product.

While you may think the summer months give you a little leeway to go crazy with the bronzer, you really don’t want to be too heavy-handed. Make sure you apply your bronzer in a natural way, stick to the spots the sun would normally make a little tanner: forehead, chin, nose, and cheekbones.

Less is Definitely More

When the summer sun is beating down on your face, even the best primer is going to have a tough time competing. Your foundation will start to crease and cake if it is on in too thick a layer.

If you can switch to a tinted moisturizer, that will help a lot, but if not, try for a sheer application instead of full coverage. Only put concealer where you really, really need it.

Ease Up on the Shimmer

During the summer months, you are going to get a natural shimmer to your skin in the form of sweat. Seriously. You won’t need to add anything too luminous or you are going to end up with a way over the top looking shine.

The goal is to have a dewy glow or healthy radiance. You don’t want to be a shiny, sweaty mess.

It’s Not that Deep

All of those rich and deep colors that you were rocking in the fall and winter months can look a little heavy as the weather heats up. It is a better plan to switch them out for colors that are more sheer.

Nude shades look awesome in the summer against sun-kissed skin. Plus, the sheer colors are subtle, so it is nearly impossible to go overboard.

Mix Your Creams and Your Powders

On those balmy summer mornings, skip the eye cream when moisturizing because it can actually break down your makeup and cause it to dissipate over the course of the day. You can use an eye primer instead and save your rich eye cream for bedtime.

Another trick to give your shadow staying power is to layer your powder shadows over your cream shadows. The powder-cream combination will have a much better chance of staying put all day.

You can also apply the powder trick to your eyeliner. Apply your pencil or cream liner as usual, then set it with some dark powder eyeshadow and an angled brush.

Go Vibrant

You know that crazy eyeshadow shade you’ve always wanted to try, but just couldn’t find the right time? Summer is the time. You can play with your color palette and use something fun and flirty in the summer.

Have fun and experiment. This time of year calls for things that are vivid and bright. To make this work, stick to one area of your face. Rocking teal eyeshadow? Go really neutral on your cheeks and lips. Going bold with your blush? Minimize the rest of your face.

Stop the Shine

Nothing says sexy like a slick and shiny T-zone. Right? Actually, that shiny T-zone makes you look hot in the absolute wrong way.

Summer is the time when you should be throwing blotting papers in your bag!

A quick press and you will eliminate that slick look from your face. Keep the glow but lose the shine by being prepared. It isn’t a bad idea to keep a few prep items in your purse during the hot summer months. You may find that you need a little more powder by afternoon or that you want to reapply your lip color after guzzling down your bottle of water.

Consider Waterproof

Days spent poolside or at the beach don’t have to mean a bare face. (Ahem, you should never have a bare face! There better be sunscreen on that skin!)

Waterproof makeup options exist for a reason. While we don’t recommend using them for your everyday wear, as some can cause excess scrubbing to remove, they can be a lifesaver at that pool party.

Seasonal Makeup Trends are Best with Clean Brushes

All of these makeup tips are great for keeping your look picture perfect in the summer months, and we have one more makeup tool that will help bring everything together: replaceable makeup brushes! Our brushes have replaceable heads that are delivered fresh to your door each month. You have a full social calendar in the summer, you don’t need to waste time washing makeup brushes.