Good Skin Care Lasts a Lifetime. Here are 7 Anti-Aging Tips that You Can Implement Right Now

You can look for all of the beauty tips in the world, but if you are not practicing optimal skin care, those tips may not be effective in the least. As an example, without exfoliation, your skin can be dull and coarse, making any makeup applications look unappealing. Additionally, without a good routine for daily skin care, your skin can easily begin to show signs of aging as early as your 20s.

To help you avoid such issues, let’s look at 7 anti-aging tips that you can start to use right now, and that will take you through to a lifetime of excellent skin health.

Don’t Start with Beauty Tips

It can be tempting to look specifically for “beauty tips,” but that is a bit short-sighted. Instead, start with optimal skin care tips and tactics and then move on to the information that focuses on beauty (i.e. choosing the right replacement makeup brushes for your skin type, which makeup products to use, and so on). And with that in mind, let’s start to look at our anti-aging skin care tips.

1. Cleanse daily AND gently. Here’s the thing, most of us are under the false impression that you must scrub the skin to cleanse it, using hot water and powerful cleansers. That is not a good way to treat the skin. No matter your age or skin condition, harsh cleansers, hot water and scrubbing removes natural oils and causes the skin to dry out, and even break out! Go with a gentle cleanser and you’ll feel the difference.

2. Sun block daily – It doesn’t matter if you are outdoors all day or inside at a desk, you must use sunscreen on your face, neck, upper chest (if it is exposed) and hands. You’ll want to use it on all of the skin exposed to the sun as UV rays cause skin aging.

3. Hydrate – One of the most important beauty tips and anti-aging tips is to drink adequate amounts of water. Without it, your skin is the first part of the body to suffer dehydration, and this leads to aging and damage.

4. Eat right – Diet is a huge part of your anti-aging skin care and a daily diet high in antioxidants like vitamins A, B, C and E is ideal for the skin. They protect skin and keep it its best shape.

Now, those are the simplest steps you can take for anti-aging skin care, but there are more that many of us overlook. Let’s consider three of them now…

How You Sleep, When You Buy Replacement Makeup Brushes, and More

There are factors that “age” the skin that many of us do not recognize, including:

1. Waiting too long to buy replacement makeup brushes. Though many of us spend a lot on replacement makeup brushes, we may not realize that they are breeding grounds for bacteria as well as tools that can hold too much oil and cause makeup to be applied in flawed ways. Whether they cause breakouts, caking, muddying of makeup, or poor applications, they “age” us.

2. Sleeping on your belly. Do you sleep on your belly and not on your back? If so, you could be causing lines, wrinkles and signs of aging! Try to train yourself to sleep on your back.

3. Avoiding sweat. Regular workouts help us look and feel younger, and daily exercise that helps you break a sweat is one of the best beauty tips imaginable.

We hope these somewhat-alternative beauty tips help. If you are eager to implement at least one of them, why not find out about replacement makeup brushes from BEAUTIAC and start to see and feel the difference.