Here Are 6 Quick and Natural Solutions for Blemished Skin

When you see phrases like those in the title above — “quick” and “natural” — you may not have confidence that they can work as well as commercial formulas for fighting blemishes. However, we have six very quick solutions you can begin to use that effectively reduce or even eliminate problems like blemishes and breakouts. Time-tested, these natural skin care solutions include some of the best healthy skin care tips, too.

Simple Skin Care Tips for Healthy, Radiant Skin

There are many beneficial compounds in natural skin care products, and they typically provide a set of very desirable effects. For instance, they may be anti-inflammatory and help to soothe irritated skin. They may be antioxidant, oil-balancing, acid-balancing, and more. The six skin care tips below are all about natural remedies as well as more common sensical solutions to ongoing breakouts or blemishes.

  1. Spot treat with tea tree oil – When blended with a carrier oil (one or two drops tea tree oil to every 12 drops carrier), it can be applied to any areas of itching, irritation, redness, swelling and oiliness.
  2. Wipe daily with witch hazel – You can easily and readily find pure witch hazel products (avoid those with high amounts of alcohol added) to use as the ultimate in natural skin care. It works like a toner to deep clean and shrink pores, reduce breakouts and blemishes, and even treat acne or excessive oil.
  3. Apply apple cider vinegar – Used to fight acne and skin inflammation, it can also brighten dark spots and blemish scars. Just be sure to dilute it with fresh water in a 3/1 (water/vinegar) mixture. Apply directly to the skin and allow to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. It is safe to use it up to three times daily.
  4. Clean makeup brushes – This is one of those skin care tips that seem like the proverbial no brainer, and yet most people do not realize that they should clean makeup brushes as often as they clean their dishes! Even with cleaning, though, the brushes may retain oil, bacteria and debris that worsen breakouts. So, replace brushes often.
  5. Clean beauty sponge – The same goes for your sponges and blenders. You may think that paying more for a premium sponge is a good idea, but it is not cleaner, more sanitary or effective than affordable sponges. Considering that one of the best natural skin care steps is to replace these tools often, it doesn’t make sense to invest in premium sponges.
  6. Good moisturizer – An easily overlooked tip is to moisturize. In fact, those with blemishes skip this because they fear it contributes to oily skin. It actually helps to control it. One of the top skin care tips is to use an oil free moisturizer that helps to prevent excess sebum production and keep breakouts under control.

You now have simple and quick, natural skin care tactics to help reign in skin irritation or breakouts.

Your Natural Skin Care Solutions

Now that you know how to get blemishes under control without investing in high-priced products, we suggest you streamline the process by working with a reliable subscription service offering new brushes and sponges. BEAUTIAC is a firm that provides ethically-made supplies and delivers them to you on a regular basis for optimal skin health. For example, each month, BEAUTIAC can send you a brand-new replacement sponge called The Blur to ensure your makeup application tools are clean and sanitary.