Here’s How to Choose the Makeup Sponge That’s Right for You

Walk into any makeup store or visit any makeup site and you may think that everyone uses the same tools. Everyone will require a specific makeup sponge and the makeup brushes that everyone owns are probably the same, right? Wrong! Just like you would never wear the identical shades of makeup as anyone else, you shouldn’t use a makeup sponge because someone else does.

In this brief tutorial on choosing makeup brushes, we’ll focus specifically on the “sponge” and help you figure out how to begin selecting the ideal option based on important facts about YOU.

No Such Thing as a Universal Makeup Sponge

To narrow down the options for selecting your ideal makeup sponge, you must first ask yourself a few key questions. The answers will help you with sponges and makeup brushes in the future, too!

Why do you use a sponge?

Do you need to have the ability to precisely control where the concealer or makeup ends up? If so, choose a sponge with a pointed tip to let you reach even the inner corner of the eye with control.

Maybe you are someone who presses powder into the skin and does a lot of contouring? If that sounds like you, it is the flat edge sponge that makes more sense.

What is your foundation style?

Another way to begin to select the ideal makeup sponge for you, personally, is to figure out if you go for the wetter, “dewier” finish with your foundation, or if you are a matte finish kind of person. If you prefer a dewy finish, you’ll want the sponge that can absorb a bit of water. If you are a matte finish person, stick with the sponges that work best when dry, and don’t absorb a lot of fluid.

Do you have any allergies or sensitivities?

This is a huge question that too few of us ask ourselves when buying tools. Sure, we’ll steer our choices in our cosmetics towards those for sensitive skin types or animal-free products, but when it comes to sponges and makeup brushes, we often forget to ask ourselves that same question.

Sponges are often made of synthetic materials that have been dyed with potentially irritating compounds. Yes, they add a bit of zing to the makeup kit with their bright hues, but they could be full of potentially irritating agents. We say skip all that and always go for the dye-free options.

What’s the budget?

Here’s the thing; you are supposed to toss your sponge at the end of 30 days and replace it with a brand new one. While you might cringe at the expense, the good news is that you can find excellent sponges and brushes at affordable pricing that can work with the need to replace them often.

Sponges and Makeup Brushes Don’t Have to Break the Bank

You need to replace your brushes and sponges on a regular basis, and BEAUTIAC is a wonderful source for ethically-made, subscription-based cosmetics and supplies. This includes excellent, affordable makeup blenders and sponges like “The Blur,” our proprietary sponge that is included in our subscription makeup kit.