How do dirty brushes affect the quality of your make-up? We're glad you asked.

You are reading this article about makeup brushes because you are probably like us, a bit obsessed with makeup, makeup essentials, and everything to do with beauty products. You hunger for all of the information available and lean in to listen about the newest products or techniques, including the latest innovations in makeup brushes. So, you are probably very eager to get a clear answer to that question posed in the title. Since you know what dirty brushes can do the skin (cause breakouts or infections, and other similar issues), you now want to know what they do to the overall quality of the makeup.

The answer takes a bit of explanation, but we’ll begin with summary. First and foremost is that dirty brushes will usually pick up oil, dirt, debris and even bacteria when brushing your skin. Although the brush itself becomes a breeding ground for whatever it captures, it is also a vehicle for transferring all of that disgusting material to the makeup you use.

As one expert so aptly explained, “bacteria on those makeup brushes gets transferred onto the makeup that we use … so it affects the cleanliness and longevity of our makeup products too.” So, your high quality blusher or eye powder is now a petri dish for whatever materials were on the brush.

Another concern can be seen in that statement, too, and that is that the makeup can be damaged or even destroyed by the materials left by the dirty brushes. This is why one of the key makeup essentials is to clean the brushes at least once per week and to toss your applicators and makeup brushes every two to three months for the safest and best results.

Is that it? The brushes just make the makeup dirty and prone to spoiling? No, there is more to it than that!

Brushes as Tools and Makeup Essentials

Another expert in makeup essentials said this of dirty brushes, “Just like working with the well-lubricated and clean device, you will find it easy to work with clean makeup brushes. In fact, you will find it easy to take it up and apply it smoothly.” Similarly, dirty makeup brushes are main cause for “rough” and “muddy” applications.

Even the most expensive and costly makeup products will not go on as intended when you use a dirty brush for the application. The intended shade of the product will not appear as true as it should when brushes are left unwashed and dirty. That is when a lovely pastel goes on muddy or you struggle to get the application as desired when doing blending or contouring.

So, now you see one of the most significant makeup essentials – clean brushes; they preserve the life of the makeup product, make applications more accurate and easy, and keep every color true. You save time and money by cleaning and replacing often, and BEAUTIAC can help. They are a subscription-based cosmetics firm dedicated to ethically-made products and can set you up with the brushes you need.