How Old Is Your Makeup? Here's How to Tell When It's Time to Replace Your Makeup Products

Milk and makeup have one very big thing in common – they go bad. And when they do, they go very bad. Whole milk that has spoiled is a bit more obvious about its “badness,” expired makeup can also harbor all kinds of nastiness (but it’s much harder to tell). Bacteria, mold, oil, dead skin cells…it can be a breeding ground for materials you really (read that as REALLY) don’t want anywhere near your face, mouth or eyes. That is why one ot the most important skin care tips and makeup tips is to know when it is time to toss outdated products.

Why Discarding Makeup Rates as One of the Top Skin Care Tips

The medical experts of WebMD have this to say on the matter, “Every time you put the wand back into the tube, you’re letting in bacteria,” (they are discussing eyeliner) and that means it just continually accumulates. We cannot accurately gauge how much bacteria is in that tube of eyeliner by the time you decide to toss it, but it is reasonable to say that it is all contaminated.

So, apart from ingredients going bad by the expiration date, there is the matter of contamination. Remember, too, that one of the most common places that we keep our makeup is the bathroom. This is a space full of humid, warm air that is often host to surface and airborne contaminants and materials. That worsens the unsanitary conditions of the makeup products, as well as things like your makeup brushes and applicators.

What that tells us is simple: One of the smartest makeup tips and/or skin care tips is to make note of the exact date you begin using a product or tool, and then discard it at the appropriate time (we give you a basic schedule below). This is true even if that product has yet to hit its stated expiration date as supplied by the manufacturer.

Knowing When to Toss is Among the Top Makeup Tips

So, what is the timeline for different products? Here is a good timeline to follow:

  • Mascara and liquid eyeliners – These have the very shortest life span of all makeup and should be tossed every three months.

  • Lipstick and lip gloss – These have a life of around six months, though some say that they can be used for up to a year. If you only touch them with a lip brush and never “double dip”, you can get that year. If you apply directly, discard in six months.

  • Liquid foundation – It remains stable for up to a year, but that is only if it is NOT stored in a warm, moist space. Also, you contaminate it far more quickly if you put your finger on or in the bottle. Instead, use replaceable sponges and apply without touching the bottle.

  • Powdered makeup (blush, eyeshadow, etc.) – Most can be safely used for 18 to 24 months. However, there are caveats, including if you’ve touched them with your finger or a brush or applicator that has already been used.

  • Brushes and tools – One of the most overlooked skin care tips and makeup tips is to replace brushes every four to six weeks to ensure sanitary conditions.

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