How to Choose Good Quality Makeup Brushes – 3 Tips to Help

Are you a relative newcomer to the world of makeup and makeup-related accessories? Or perhaps you have years of experience using everything from makeup brushes to the latest products? In either case, it is likely that you are going to reach a point when you are tired of making bad choices where new or replacement brushes are concerned.

After all, this ends up being one of the most frequently discussed topics in the beauty industry – how to choose the right makeup brushes, when to consider replacement brushes, and so on. So, to help you with this issue, we offer three key tips for success.

The Experts Weigh In On Makeup Brushes

If you ask the experts, most will agree that choosing makeup brushes boils down to a few essential steps. These include:

1. Being Picky – Yes, that doesn’t seem like a very good tip, but what the beauty experts often mean is that you should find the right brush for each task – and by “right” they often mean right for you. This can include the functionality of the brush as well as its performance and ease of use. For example, you don’t have to stick with a single concealer brush if you like the way one brush works around the eye and another for blemishes.

2. Not Falling in Love – One of the biggest mistakes that modern consumers make where makeup brushes are concerned is that they invest in hugely expensive brushes that they are told can last a long time. They fall in love with these brushes and then end up tossing them quickly because they cannot be cleaned effectively. So, try to choose brushes based on the fact that they are not long-term investments but tools that are quickly used up and need replacement.

3. Looking for Reliable Sources – Once you find a brush that works for you, and you accept that you’ll be purchasing replacement brushes often, you must then find yourself a steady supplier of those brushes. The big box makeup stores just cannot guarantee consistency, and pharmacies are often no better. That means doing some research and scouting out a reputable and affordable source for your beauty supplies – including your makeup brushes.

These three tips are not the usual suggestions. Often, you might hear that you should invest in a costly brush, often from expensive animal hair, but this is not a wise choice. While it can be cleaned, this is a temporary fix and it is best to make a point of replacing brushes on a regular schedule.

Bonus Tips

Think Cruelty Free – Synthetic brushes are better in many ways, but especially because they are animal and cruelty free. They can also be much softer and easily replaced because they will be more reasonably priced. And about price…

Skip Brand Hype – From celebrity backed brands (usually low quality and high price) to brands that use a lot of glitzy marketing, you can pay more than you should. We always suggest nothing under $28 but never anything more than $50. Why? Glitzy brands like to inflate prices to make you think you’re getting something more opulent or luxurious. The truth is that you are not. If a brush is costly, it might also be made of animal fur (i.e. pony, mink, badger, squirrel, fox…and NOT cruelty free). You’ll pay premium prices for this, and yet the quality and cleanliness is not the best. And about that cleanliness…

Go for Easy to Replace – Brushes can only be kept free of germs and buildup for a short time. This is why we always advise opting for brushes that are replaceable and easily cleaned when in use.

Look at the Softness of the Bristles – A brush MUST have flexible bristles extending all of the way to the tip. If it fails in this area, it is unlikely to give you the level of control you want. And when a taper at the end of the bristle is combined with softness and flexibility, you have an optimal tool in your hands!

Opt for Subscription-Based Replacement Brushes

Lastly, what we suggest is that you consider choosing your brushes and replacement brushes from a subscription-based vendor. They will have the range of options and the quality brushes you need, but they can also ensure that you are never using brushes full of bacteria, residue and germs. They can put you on a schedule as important as the one you follow when replacing your toothbrush (you do that right?). BEAUTIAC is one such vendor, and they are dedicated to offering ethically-made, subscription-based cosmetics, including premium brushes!