Interested in Social Causes? Join One of Ours!

Beautiac is not just a company that sells replaceable makeup brushes, we are also a company that is passionate about giving back. We want to make our communities, our country, and our world a better place for everyone.

In our quest for social responsibility, we created our initiative of social causes. We have four quadrants that we are focusing on.

Interested in joining us?

Great! We are attempting to bring a focus on four specific categories: the environment, promoting cruelty-free beauty products, empowering women, and focusing on overall health and wellness.

Each of those four quadrants is represented in our company logo! Pretty cool, right? We certainly think so!

In addition to representing in our logo, we also focus on one of the quadrants each quarter. You will find the cause highlighted on our website and our social media platforms.

What is a Social Cause?

A social cause is a focus on a problem or issue that affects a considerable amount of people within a society. Usually, the problems are due to things that are outside of the person’s control such as racism or sexism.

Social issues are not the same thing as economic issues, although some of them do crossover. Things like immigration can have both economic and social aspects to it. Other causes such as war or famine are also worthy, but they are not considered social or economic.

In the United States, various social issues have been at the forefront of people’s minds throughout the decades. Plus, in the U.S., the term “social issue” is used more liberally, and some things that are hot-button topics may be considered as such.

As mentioned above, Beautiac is focusing on four social causes which have been incorporated into the logo for the company. Each cause is given a specific color which represent is.

The environment cause has been assigned a teal color, and the cruelty-free cause is signified by the orange color on the lower left side of the logo.

The last two colors are pink and blue. The pink represents women empowerment, and the blue represents health and wellness.

The Environment Quadrant

We believe one of the most important ways to show social responsibility as a company is to take measures to protect our limited natural resources which are provided by the planet.

We take great strides to ensure that we lower our environmental impact which is the reason our replaceable makeup brushes are recyclable! Whenever you receive your new shipment of brush heads, you simply send back your old ones for us to recycle. Simple as that!

Beautiac has partnered with an amazing company called TerraCycle. We utilize their Zero Waste Box program to ensure that we were working with a company that was 100% trustworthy! TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for being a sustainable business.

We are always striving to find new ways to manufacture and materials to use that lessen our environmental impact. As a consumer, you can make a huge impact by choosing brands that focus on supporting a clean environment.

The Cruelty-Free Quadrant

We believe that no animals should be harmed in the process of creating our replaceable makeup brushes. As a matter of fact, we don’t think animals should ever be experimented on, harmed, or used as ingredients in the name of beauty.

We love our furry friends!

If you also believe the beauty industry should be cruelty-free, there are other strides that you can take besides choosing Beautiac for your supply of makeup brushes.

Beautiac is not just a company that sells replaceable makeup brushes, we are also a company that is passionate about giving back. We want to make our communities, our country, and our world a better place.

We realize that not everyone is aware of how the beauty industry can impact the other creatures we share the planet with. We aren’t trying to make you feel guilty for not realizing that not all products are cruelty-free!

Start now. While we don’t recommend throwing out all of your beauty products and starting over, we do recommend that you make changes to your future purchasing habits.

The Women Empowerment Quadrant

At Beautiac, we 100% believe that women can inspire each other. We believe that women can help one another be successful and chase their dreams.

Women’s empowerment can be the key to changing the world. It can lead to economic growth and political stability. It can also lead to changing the social structure of society.

Former President Obama recognized women empowerment as a worthy social cause. He is quoted as saying, “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”

Empowerment is not a single act; it is a process. It is the striving towards changing “can’t” to “can.” It gives women control over their lives, and it allows them to actualize their innermost desires.

The Health and Wellness Quadrant

Our final social responsibility quadrant is all about fostering and spreading knowledge about health and wellness. We want everyone to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

The best way for that to happen is by spreading education about living a healthy lifestyle. That education can span from the simple, such as the importance of having clean or replaceable makeup brushes to the more complex like the need for a healthy diet.

We want everyone to have access to this type of education because knowing is half the battle! Understanding what steps are needed to create a healthy lifestyle can lead to a lifetime of wellness.

You will find us sharing relevant information about healthy lifestyles during the quarter that is focused on the health and wellness quadrant.

Beautiac, Where Replaceable Makeup Brushes and Social Causes Meet!

Make sure you follow us on social media! That is one of the main places where we focus on these four amazing social causes. For three month periods, we will focus on one of these quadrants.

We will share give-back activities and general information to our loyal Beautiac community. Help us build diverse means of strengthening communities and helping the planet thrive!