It's Here! The Innovative Brush You Can't Live Without

As the proverb goes, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” right? After decades of makeup and makeup brush design and manufacturing, what more is left to innovate?

We’ll tell you: replacement makeup brushes. And, not just any replacement makeup brushes, but Beautiac’s revolutionary makeup brush set and monthly replacement system. If you’re searching for the best makeup brush kits out there, read on to learn why this is the brush you can’t live without.

Why Do I Need Replacement Brushes?

First of all, if you aren’t one of those people who regularly replaces (or washes!) her makeup brushes and sponges, let us gently school you a bit.

As you use brushes daily, not only do they touch and retain the makeup you’ve used in their bristles, but they are also exposed to the dead skin and bacteria on your face (and hands), plus whatever surfaces you lay them on or whatever makeup bag you keep them in.  All that buildup on your brushes can lead to uneven makeup application, skin irritation, blocked pores, breakouts, and even infections. Makeup artists and dermatologists, alike, recommend washing your brushes once a week.

But even when you regularly clean your brushes with soap and water, they never get fully clean, so it’s best to replace them on a regular basis.

Even if you use affordable drugstore-type makeup brushes, replacing your whole set of brushes regularly can get expensive (and, if you use high-end professional makeup brushes, it can get VERY expensive)! So, what’s the answer to this conundrum?

Subscription Makeup Brush Kits

Recently, companies have come up with the idea of offering kits of replacement makeup brushes.  That way, makeup enthusiasts (and anyone who just wants clean, healthy skin and brushes) get regularly-scheduled shipments of replacement makeup brushes at an affordable price.

Let’s take a look at what the best makeup brush kits include.

  • A variety of brushes, delivered monthly. It’s not enough to just replace one brush; you need to replace all your basic brushes each month - foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush and maybe even your blending sponge. Some services also replace eye makeup brushes.
  • Good value. When searching for the best makeup brush kits, it’s important to find one that offers high-quality brushes at a reasonable price per month.
  • Most services will allow you different payment options for your subscription: month-to-month, or 3- 6- or even 12-month prepayment plans. As an added bonus, look for a company that offers free shipping on your monthly, kits, as well!
  • Time savings. Having new replacement makeup brushes delivered monthly all but eliminates the need to wash your brushes. If you’ve ever washed 3-10 brushes at a time, you know how much time that will save you each month! Not to mention, having an automatic shipment of brushes delivered to your doorstep each month saves you the time of visiting  a store, perusing all the brush options, and then making selections.

Many brush kit offerings feature the valuable benefits above. But here’s where we separate the wheat from the chaff. Only one subscription brush kit offers these features:

  • Vegan, cruelty-free brushes. There’s no need to shave or harm any animals to make high-quality brushes. Beautiac’s brushes are ethically-made and animal cruelty-free.
  • Guaranteed no shedding. Nobody likes stray hairs falling out of their brushes and picking them off their face or out of their powder or foundation. Brushes with no-shed technology are the way to go.
  • Interchangeable brush heads and universal handles. Truly innovative, Beautiac’s unique system features a set of three universal handles with your initial brush kit.

    Different brush heads snap on and pop off any of the handles, so that when you receive your new replacement brush heads each month - rather than tossing out a whole brush - you simply pop off the old head and snap on the new, clean brush head!
  • And, for the pièce de résistance, recyclable brush heads. We’re all looking to reduce waste, reduce our carbon footprint and make the planet a healthier place. So it wouldn’t be very environmentally-conscious to throw 3 brush heads per month into the trash can!

With Beautiac’s system of recyclable brushes, rather than feeling guilt when it’s time to dispose of the old brush heads, you can feel good putting them into your plastics recycling bin at home, or into the white recycling bag included with your kit. When the white bag is full of used brush heads, simply return the bag to Beautiac. They’ll make sure the brush heads get recycled.

No other subscription brush service offers recyclable brushes, making Beautiac “the best of the best” makeup brush kits out there.

Bonus Benefits

Available beginning in March 2019, Beautiac’s VIP Starter Kit includes even more tools and ways to keep your brushes clean and safe.

In addition to the 3 universal brush handles, and 3 soft, high-quality brush heads (Foundation Fix, Powder Possessed, and Blush Habit), you’ll also receive a dye-free Blur Sponge every month. This beauty blender is perfect for blending foundation, tapping in concealer and blurring any uneven makeup areas.

If you subscribe prior to the official March 2019 launch date, your pre-sale kit will also include a free Smart Makeup Brush Stand. Its silicon woven topper fits many sizes of cosmetics, to keep your brushes and makeup organized, clean, off the dirty countertops and out of your cluttered makeup drawers.

Lastly, Beautiac also includes an antimicrobial “Safe Bag” - a zippered, on-the-go storage bag for your brushes and makeup. Keep your brushes germ-free in this beautiful carrying case.

It’s easy to see why Beautiac’s brushes are the ones you “can’t live without.” Save time, money, and enjoy healthier skin with their monthly replacement makeup brushes.