Keep those Brushes Clean! Here are 4 Icky Skin Conditions that You Can Easily Avoid

Cleaning makeup brushes is something that many people speak about with confidence. They will say it takes a gentle scrub of the bristles, and not getting anything into the base of the bristles, to get it clean. You dry the brushes with the bristles hanging over a counter’s edge and, “voila,” clean brushes. This, however, is no guarantee of cleanliness. The only way to ensure your brushes are clean is by replacing makeup brushes on a regular basis.

Many will balk at the idea of tossing old brushes and investing in replacement makeup brushes, and they should. It is wasteful, harmful to the environment and wildly expensive. However, once you know what happens when you are not regularly replacing makeup brushes, you might change your mind.

4 Risks Ended by Replacing Makeup Brushes

There are many gross things that can occur when you refuse to get replacement makeup brushes, and four of the worst (and avoidable) issues include:

  • Bacteria growth – Bacteria, germs, microbes…they are everywhere and we cannot control them to any real degree. Washing or not washing brushes makes very little difference in the amount of dirt, dust and bacteria that can build up in the bristles. You then apply this to your skin any time you use that brush, and this can mean your skin, mouth or eyes can be covered in almost any sort of bacteria.
  • Pimples – If we follow the logical progression from the point above, constantly applying and reapplying certain materials that cling to your makeup brush or (ick!) grow on them can lead to everything from breakouts to acne, rashes and more. Allergies and skin irritations can also become a chronic concern.
  • Staph infections on the skin, eyes, lips or mucous membranes - Did you know that the most common skin infection is staph? And while it can cause pimples and redness, it can also penetrate into the dermis and lead to a very serious condition known as cellulitis, which can be life threatening!
  • Ruined makeup – When we are not regularly replacing makeup brushes, it means they hold onto different oils and other materials. At best, this can cause makeup applications to look “muddy,” or for pans and containers of makeup to be discolored. At worst, it can cause makeup to spoil ahead of time or also become home to any number of unwanted materials and gross compounds.

And while these issues are serious, you may still hesitate to buy replacement makeup brushes because of their high costs. The good news is that you will soon have a great solution to the issue of replacing makeup brushes!

How to Get Replacement Makeup Brushes

If you yearn to avoid all of those rather icky issues itemized above by getting replacement makeup brushes, but you fear this is not something you can afford, or you just don’t want to toss all of that plastic into the trash, there is an answer.

BEAUTIAC now makes an innovative makeup brush solution available, with recyclable brush heads, universal handles, and three functional sizes. It is an affordable system that includes monthly replacement heads, and subscriptions are available. Sign up to be among the first to get a VIP kit when the official release occurs in 2019.