Learn How to Apply Makeup Correctly - 7 Tips to Try

If you read any online makeup tips, it would seem that getting a flawless look is one of the easiest things imaginable. Swipe it here, dab it there and voila – you look just like an airbrushed model! The truth is that it takes a lot of practice and experimentation to get it all done properly. And whether you are entirely new to the world of makeup, makeup brushes and beauty hacks, or you just want to hone your skills, we have 7 makeup tips to help.

Start with the Right Order of Events

If you watch ten different YouTube tutorials about makeup application, you’ll probably find ten different ways to apply the different products. And though all faces are different, there is a sort of universal layering method that works best.

  1. Moisturize or prime
  2. Fill the brows
  3. Do the foundation and then conceal
  4. Eyeshadow and liner
  5. Blush – Highlight – Contour (in that order)
  6. Lip
  7. Use spray or powder to set the look
  8. Mascara

Okay, so that is eight tips, and we promised only seven, so just consider it a bonus!

However, all of that is a lot, and you never have to use every single step. As an example, one of the trends in makeup for 2018 and 2019 is to choose a signature accent. In other words, you can go easy on the eye makeup and focus on the lips or vice versa. What you cannot do is skip the priming as this is the only way to get the most even and smooth application of the other products. You can skip things like contouring and powder setting if you are going for lighter looks.

Just keep in mind that your skin and your style dictate what steps you want to incorporate into the routine and how to best apply products. What matters is that you apply in the order above since that is the method that ensures the best outcomes.

Choose the Right Makeup Brushes

Another of the key makeup tips (another bonus tip!) is to invest in the right products – beginning with your makeup brushes. After all, these are the proverbial “make or break” of application. Invest in a low quality brush or applicator and you are likely to get lower quality results. Yet, you don’t have to spend a fortune on brushes…in fact, one of the more important makeup tips is that you don’t.

Why not? Because you need to replace makeup brushes far more often than you may realize. In fact, every few weeks is the best routine. This ensures that they are not soaked with oils, debris and bacteria that can cause unattractive smears of color, poor application and even bacterial issues.

Get Started Using These Makeup Tips

Are you ready to begin experimenting with makeup applications and new tools and brushes? If so, be sure to get off to the best start by choosing a simple way of updating your brushes to prevent problems. BEAUTIAC allows you to get your new brushes on a regular routine, update the tools you use, and refine your look easily and affordably.