Makeup Brush, Sponge or Fingers? Why Brushes Are Better for Makeup Application

If you have ever hesitated to invest in a professional makeup brush set because your favorite beauty influencer or celebrity says that they prefer to use their fingers or a sponge, you need to reconsider the whole matter. While it is true that experts in beauty and makeup industries have perpetually debated the whole brush vs. sponge vs. fingers issue, and while sponges are favored for certain makeup applications, there are a lot of arguments that lean heavily towards the professional makeup brush set over any other tool.

The Professional Makeup Brush Set Always Wins

You can simply “Google” the matter and find that lots of experts say something along the lines of makeup artist Mika Johnson: “brushes help you to achieve a look in more technical detail … with brushes you are able to be more precise with your look.” Now, you might argue that precision isn’t always the look you go for, but isn’t it? After all, most of us apply makeup where we want it to go – not even a tiny bit to one side or another. As another artist said, a “brush lets me apply color exactly where I want it to go and it blends cream and fluids beautifully…A brush also helps to create more definition and leaves a soft chiseled blush-look.”

Sponges Can Be Handy

Sponges also have their benefits, though. While we just mentioned that brushes do a great job even with liquid foundation, some beauty experts insist that for the most even, flawless finish, foundation should always be applied with a sponge. Sponges allow you to build your coverage naturally and evenly. They can also be used to apply cream blush and concealer. Note that sponges should always be dampened with water before using them for makeup application.

Think About Replacement Brushes

So, precision and accuracy, as well as control and the ability to create many different looks come to those who opt for makeup brushes. All of this speaks well of the professional makeup brush set.

Yet, what few stop to mention when discussing this issue is the need for replacement brushes and sponges. And just where does that figure into the equation?

Firstly, most experts purchase replacement brushes not because their previous brush has worn out. Most do it because they can only hope to keep debris, germs and bacteria from the brush for so long. While most do wash brushes, this does not get them entirely free of the kinds of unwanted and potentially harmful materials that hide in the bristles. So, they purchase replacement brushes on a fairly regular basis. Sponges can also be washed, but need to be replaced just as frequently (or more so) than brushes.

If experts are buying replacement brushes and sponges because they do not want to contaminate their own skin (or that of clients) with unwanted compounds, and want to keep expensive cosmetics free of such materials, what does that say about using fingers?

Our fingers can be freshly washed and yet still contain germs or bacteria. They can contaminate cosmetics, and often with a single swipe. They transfer colors and even oils from one product to another, and if makeup is holding some bacteria from an earlier use, this is now transferred to the area of the face where that makeup was applied.

No, although there is much to be said about the effects that you get with your fingers, for your everyday applications, it is a professional makeup brush set that is essential. Also, you should find a high-quality provider of replacement brushes and sponges to ensure you are never without the most useful and effective styles. BEAUTIAC is a subscription-based service offering ethically-made cosmetics and tools, such as brushes and sponges, when you need them!