No Time to Clean Brushes? We Have the Solution

Have you ever read up on all the gross things that happen when you don’t take time to clean your makeup brushes properly? They pick up all of the debris on your skin, including oil, dirt, dead skin and even bacteria. They leave it behind on the makeup you use and they can even become a place for viruses and bacteria to thrive. They can then transfer it all back to your skin, and cause everything from breakouts to skin infections, or worse.

That’s why one of the top makeup essentials is to wash your brushes at least once a week. Lots of consumers take shortcuts, though, and clean their makeup brushes with specialty wipes or sprays as a sort of shortcut. Yet, as an article in SELF magazine said plainly, “this temporary cleaning fix doesn’t solve the problem completely—there’s no substitute for deep cleaning your makeup tools.”  And therein, as Shakespeare would say, lies the rub. Who has time to dedicate to a full-blown brush cleaning routine once a week?

Alternatives to Deep Cleaning Makeup Brushes

We totally understand when readers say that they just don’t have time to fully clean brushes. We also get it when they skip those makeup essentials and use brushes repeatedly, swiping them on different products without a full and proper cleaning. Yet, it is important to understand the risks of overlooking one of the key makeup essentials, which is that dirty brushes muddy your colors and can even cause makeup to spoil if exposed to too many other materials.

So, here’s our optimal solution. Go ahead and invest in those handy makeup brush wipes and sprays, and give each of the brushes you use a quick swipe right after using them. If you use the same makeup brushes for different products during a single application, wipe them off to the best extent between products.

Then, consider signing on for a subscription service that will just send you new and safe brushes on a regular basis.

The Costs Considered

Buying new makeup essentials like brushes and applicators is something many do only periodically. This is a mistake, and loads of articles explain why this is an unsanitary way to manage your makeup brushes. Most are good for two to three months at best, and then it is time to renew and refresh the toolkit. Doing so lets you get the most out of the makeup products you use and also ensures the best applications and safest skin. This, however, is if you wash them once a week or at least every two weeks. But even washing them once or twice a week still might not get all of the dirt and grime out, however.

If you are not going to do that regular deep cleaning, it is time to consider renewing your makeup essentials on a regular basis. BEAUTIAC, a subscription-based cosmetics firm dedicated to ethically-made products, can get you on a regular routine of new, clean and healthy brushes!