Our VIP Starter Kit - Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Ask any skin care professional (or dermatologist) about the issue of replacement brushes for makeup and most will tell you that you probably don’t want to hear about the amazingly gross things that can occur with your skin if you fail to keep up with replacing makeup brushes or keep them as clean as possible. In fact, most will say that cleaning doesn’t work and that replacement brushes are really the only solution.

A Glitch with Replacement Brushes

You might read this and say, “Wait, but replacing makeup brushes costs me a lot!” And you are correct. And this is a huge flaw in the system. Often, we overpay for makeup brushes made of high priced (and definitely NOT cruelty-free) products. They are not designed to be easily or properly cleaned, and so they build up bacteria, debris, oil, irritants and more.

A makeup brush that is three months old is rife with unwanted materials, and this is true even if it has been washed. The solution is to have affordable, eco-friendly replacement brushes that ensure we are not repeatedly applying harmful materials to the skin. In a bit, we’ll look at a great new way for replacing makeup brushes. First, though, let’s look at what happens when you don’t get replacement brushes.

Replacing Makeup Brushes as the Ideal Solution

As noted, experts agree that replacing makeup brushes is the only way to eliminate the worst problems caused by repeatedly using older, and even frequently-washed, brushes. The issues you face if you skip this step include bacterial buildup, breakouts and acne, skin irritation anywhere on the face or mouth, eye infections, blocked pores, viral infection of the skin or eye, bug infestations in the brushes and cosmetics, ruined or soiled makeup, makeup that spoils before its expiration date, and skin conditions as dangerous as cellulitis and staph infections.

And though you may go online and find some beauty professionals explaining how to clean brushes, it just doesn’t work long-term.

So, now we can tell you about the ideal solution to this long-standing dilemma. Available from BEAUTIAC, it is quite literally what skin care doctors have been wanting to see for years. It is a beautifully simple solution and features a basic, universal brush handle that allows for the head to be removed and replaced with a few clicks.  This new system features three different sizes of brush heads - one each for foundation, powder and blush. Every month you receive a new head and you just pop off and recycle the old one (yes, RECYCLE!).

If you are eager to get on board with this wonderfully skin-friendly (and animal-friendly, as the brushes are cruelty-free and vegan) option, simply reserve your VIP Kit Now. It includes your brush handles, heads, a dye-free sponge, brush stand and antimicrobial bag.