Powder, Liquid or Cream? Oh My! Choosing The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type

Skin type is the guiding factor when choosing everything from facial creams and serums to foundation. While knowing how to use your makeup brushes and all of the other makeup essentials are helpful when applying any type of product, if you don’t start with the right materials, you can run into trouble. In this article, we’ll take a bit of time to figure out the best foundations to use for each of the most common skin types.

Why It Matters

If you know how to use makeup brushes and sponges, how can the type of foundation even matter? After all, if you apply something properly, shouldn’t it look good? Actually, your skin type is always going to have an impact on even the highest quality makeup products and other makeup essentials. As an example, if you have aging skin, the fine lines and wrinkles are going to hold product differently and reflect the light in different ways. Using the wrong materials can lead to unwanted looks and effects.

To avoid any problems, let’s consider the different skin types and some basic answers where powder, liquid or cream foundations are concerned.

Skin Types and Other Makeup Essentials

What types of skin are the most common? They include acne-prone, aging, dry, oily, combination and sensitive skin types. Each has specific needs, and this might include the foundation type (powder, liquid or cream) as well as the weight of the product. For example, there are lightweight products, those that offer medium to full coverage, and so on. There is also the issue of the makeup brushes and applicators that are best for those products. We’ll make note of them when possible.

Acne prone skin types do best with a medium amount of coverage in a liquid foundation. Matte finishes are best and application with a clean sponge is always best. Oily skin has similar needs and does best with a matte, liquid foundation applied with a sponge.

For those with aging skin, light coverage is best as it doesn’t settle into lines or wrinkles. In fact, if you can find a moisturizer that is tinted rather than a liquid or cream foundation, it is best. If you opt for foundation, liquids are the way to go. Those with dry skin should think of moisturizing products, too. The use of liquid or cream formulas is usually best as they will hydrate and offer coverage.

And when your skin is a blend of several types? Combination skin can benefit from a liquid product applied always with sponge or pad, never the fingers or makeup brushes to blend. Sensitive skin is best when treated with a powder foundation as this is always lighter, without fragrance, and less prone to causing any sort of reaction.

Now that you have some makeup essentials where foundations are concerned, you can start to experiment with the options available. Layering a powder over a liquid is an option, but can be confusing if you use liquid blush. In this case, begin with liquid foundation, followed by the liquid blush, then “set” everything with the powder foundation. There are many other makeup essentials to know about, but foundations are, well…the foundation of it all.

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