Replaceable Brushes Ensure Consistent Makeup Application Every Time

If you are a makeup lover, then you probably know by now that you are supposed to clean your makeup brushes on the regular.

There are several reasons why this is not just a good idea but an excellent idea.

You may be looking at your makeup drawer, and your pile of brushes, thinking “when I am I ever going to have the time to clean all of those.”

And guess what guys, you can’t just clean them once. Nope. You’ve got to clean them on a regular basis!

It almost makes you want to give up on makeup altogether, right? Well...maybe not that far.

Let us spell out the seven biggest reasons why you should be cleaning your brushes regularly (one of them involves better-looking makeup!), and then we will tell you a way that you can get around cleaning those brushes. While still getting the benefits of clean brushes. Intrigued?

Reason #1 Acne

When you use your brush every day without cleaning it, it gets dirty. Bacteria, dust, sweat, old product are all just hanging out there in the bristles.

Every time you use that brush, you are swiping all that gunk right onto your freshly cleaned skin which means any underlying conditions, like acne, are going to flare up.

Any sore, scratch, or crack in your skin will be a direct route for the bacteria to take which can cause a never-ending cycle of infections and breakouts.

Reason #2 Irritation

Even if you manage to avoid breakouts and acne flare-ups, you can still experience skin irritation.

The old product that is building up on the bristles of your makeup brushes will eventually make them brittle and rough. This will be very abrasive on your face which can make your skin look dull. Plus, you won’t get a very even application of your products with these stiff and brittle bristles.

Reason #3 Viruses

Some of your products like mascara, lip gloss, and foundation are moist. This is the exact type of environment that many viruses and bacteria thrive in. Things like pink eye and even herpes have been known to spread due to contaminated makeup brushes.

It is a good rule of thumb to never use anyone else’s makeup brushes to protect yourself from highly contagious viruses like these.

Reason #4 Contamination

Getting a brand new makeup product is exciting, right? You get that new palette from Sephora or Ulta, and you can’t wait to play with all these new pigments.

But then you stick that unwashed makeup brush in your brand new product. Contaminating your new products with a bunch of germs and bacteria.

Dirty makeup brushes will cross-contaminate all of your products if you aren’t careful.

Reason #5 Damage

Another excellent reason to clean up your makeup brushes is that not doing so can damage them.

We all know how much money can be spent on makeup products and brushes, and no one wants to go around ruining perfectly good stuff. Yet, not cleaning out the old product will lead to a lot of buildup in the bristles. Which can actually ruin them over time.

Since you don’t want to think of all your makeup money being wasted, it is better to clean the brushes.

Reason #6 Distortion

If all the reasons about dirt and bacteria weren’t enough to get you throwing those makeup brushes in the sink, perhaps this reason will. A dirty makeup brush will mess with the quality of your pigments.

Your colors will be distorted because of the residue left on the brushes. This can be an issue when you are trying to switch between eyeshadow colors or when doing contouring and highlighting.

Reason #7 Oil

Using dirty makeup brushes is similar to using your hands to apply makeup. The leftover oils on your brushes will just be spread across your face on the next application.

Makeup wearers avoid using their hands because it adds excess oil to your face, but a dirty brush will add just as much oil.

Replaceable Makeup Brushes

Now that we have covered many reasons why it is necessary to clean your makeup brushes, it is time to discuss the trick that will let you get out of the cleaning.

It is recommended that you clean your brushes once per month, but if you have replaceable makeup brushes you will never have to clean them again.

Sounds like a good deal, right? Let us tell you how it works.

Beautiac Replaceable Makeup Brushes

Beautiac is a new program that wants to make your life easier. We understand the pain that washing your brushes can be which is why we eliminated the need.

Our subscription supplies you with high-quality makeup brushes with interchangeable brush heads.

Each month you will receive your new brush heads, delivered straight to your door. You simply snap off the old and snap on the new.

Viola! Clean makeup brushes every single month, no scrubbing required.

About the Makeup Brushes

This innovative brush has a comfortable ergonomic handle. The bristles are animal cruelty-free and vegan.

The brush head uses no-shed technology so that you will never end up with pesky stray hairs on your face. Plus, the thumb groove makes it easy to switch them out at the end of the month.

The brush heads can be sent back to Beautiac for recycling each time you get a new shipment!

The Starter Kit

Your starter kit will come with three universal handles that give your precision while remaining comfortable in your hand.

You will also get the foundation brush head, powder brush head, and blush brush head.

Bonus items include a dye-free sponge, makeup brush stand, and a makeup bag.

It is everything you need to hit the ground running with your brand new, squeaky clean makeup brushes.

The Subscription

You can get a month to month, 6-month, or a 3-month subscription to keep things easy and simple.  

Each month, three new brush heads and a new sponge will show up at your door. Plus, there are no shipping charges added.  

Your order will also include a recycle bag for returning your old brush heads back to Beautiac where they will be recycled properly.  You can have fresh and clean brushes without worrying about contributing to the landfill.