Revising Your Budget this Year? Here are 3 Great Reasons to Invest in Refillable Makeup Brushes

If you talk with makeup and beauty experts, most agree that the “right tools” are as important as the techniques and makeup products used.

This is why many argue that “investing” in the “best” makeup brushes is vitally important.

“Just a second,” you might say, “Brushes are expensive. How much should I spend and how often will replacement makeup brushes be needed?”

Good questions.

After all, go to chain makeup stores or premium department stores and you’ll see brush sets costing in the hundreds.

Yet, talk to experts and many say brushes just cannot be cleaned properly over the long term and new brushes are needed almost every month.

The good news is that refillable brushes are a new reality AND a real budget saver.

Refillable Brushes Explained

Just what are refillable brushes, and why would they be better replacement makeup brushes than those designer labels?

First off: refillable brushes are not all the same.

There are subscription services offering consumers replacement makeup brushes, but they are actually providing a unique collection of different brushes every month.

You might get a foundation, blush and eye shadow brush one month and then a fan, lip and brow brush the next.

This is hardly an effective way of obtaining workable refillable brushes.

Then, there are programs like the replacement makeup brushes from BEAUTIAC. These are brushes that give you a monthly replacement of the key “tools” for optimal makeup applications.

Their month to month subscription supplies you with a starter kit and then a new set of brush heads, along with one dye-free blender sponge, every month.

How is this better than purchasing a new set on your own? Let’s look at three answers to that.

How Subscription Replacement Makeup Brushes Are Plain Better

There are a lot of problems that refillable brushes of this kind can address. They include:

  1. Eco-friendliness issues
  2. Cleanliness and performance issues
  3. Budget issues

Let’s look at them one by one.

Recyclable Replacement Brushes are Better for the Environment

So, if you consider how most consumers buy replacement makeup brushes you would find them purchasing entirely new brushes and tossing out the old ones. Imagine how much plastic and metal that sends into landfills.

These are not materials that can be easily recycled, re-used, repurposed or even broken down. In fact, the brush you toss today could be intact in a landfill hundreds of years from now.

On top of it all, many premium brushes are made of materials that require everything from petroleum and fossil fuels to chemicals and animal based materials (like bristles and fur). These are hardly eco-friendly or cruelty-free.

These brushes are made and discarded by the millions and it is safe to say there is a sea of them sitting discarded in the world.

Why contribute to that?

Instead, with refillable brushes like those from BEAUTIAC, you first get ergonomically designed handles that can be used indefinitely.

Then, the replacement makeup brushes are actually just replacement heads. And no matter which part you are describing, the entire unit is recyclable.

When your refillable brushes need to be updated each month, you pop off the old brush and put it into your recycle bin where it can be reused like the cans, bottles and other materials.

These replacement makeup brushes are also vegan and cruelty free, meaning no animals suffer only to have the materials tossed into a landfill in a short time!

So, there is that benefit. Then, there is the issue of cleanliness and performance.

How Refillable Brushes Improve Skin Health

Scores of studies have been done on the range of germs, bacteria, microbes, molds and other nasties that can survive (and thrive) on a makeup brush.

The basic outcome is all the same: A makeup brush is a filthy, filthy thing!

Washing and drying can only go so far and a brush just a few weeks old is likely supporting a huge colony of unwelcome visitors.

That alone brings a bit of the “ick” factor, but you then have to deal with what these compounds do to your skin, makeup and makeup applications.

After all, that brand new compact of expensive blush is instantly contaminated by the months’ old brush. The materials can even begin to break down the powder and ruin its quality.

These things also irritate the skin, causing breakouts, discoloration, and aging!

Refillable Brushes Boost Your Bottom Line

Lastly, and quite importantly for most of us, is the fact that refillable brushes can actually be quite a boon to your budget.

For one, they are not wasteful in terms of their use of raw materials. This is beneficial in more ways than you might imagine.

By NOT contributing to the demand for costly raw materials, you are helping to force manufacturers to approach production in new ways. This saves everyone money over the long term.

Secondly, by avoiding the use of old and dirty brushes, you extend the life of all products you buy and get better application of your makeup.

Then, there is the obvious issue of the actual costs of replacement makeup brushes.

If you look at the “big” names in expert and premium makeup products, you would see that brush sets can cost many hundreds of dollars, and even close to $1000 for professional sets.

Even if you buy lower priced items and splurge on premium brush sets costing around $200, within a short time they are infested with all kinds of potentially harmful ingredients.

Replacing them once or twice a year is actually not enough, but that would translate to more than $600 for some good brushes (even if they are dirty more than they are new and clean).

On the other hand, with refillable brushes from a supplier like BEAUTIAC, you can get new, clean brush heads every month for as little as $16.50/month. That’s twelve new sets of brushes a year for less than $200!

With replacement brushes, your costs are cut down dramatically, your results are boosted substantially, your cleanliness and skin health is optimized, and you get the joy of knowing you are not harming the environment.

Those are just three simple reasons to use refillable brushes, and you’ll never regret the shift to this superior way of updating your beauty supplies.