Take Better Care of Your Skin in 2019 With These 7 Clean Beauty Tips

It’s now the start of a New Year, and if you’re done dreaming of a White Christmas and are instead dreaming of better skin in 2019, we can help.

The thing is, it takes a shift in your mindset to hit that goal of better skin care.

The good news is that there are seven simple steps to take, starting with replacement makeup brushes, and you’ll be on your way to a truly clean skin care routine.

But wait, you might be thinking, “Clean? Like the whole ‘green’ and ‘vegan’ sort of clean or the usual ‘did you wash that?’ type of clean?”

The answer, in a word, is BOTH.

Those Are Brushes Are Filthy…

Okay, so let’s start with the easiest of the seven steps: replacement makeup brushes.

We know: we, too, have fallen for the idea that you have to buy super expensive brushes to get professional makeup applications. But, did you know that it was a lie?

It’s true! The reality is that you can only wash and use brushes for so long before bacteria and other nasties build up in the bristles, and then transfer all of that “ick” into your makeup products and all over your skin!

So, tip one for a clean skin care routine: Find a good way to get replacement makeup brushes.

How do you do that and stick to the greener sort of clean, the type that means it’s good for the environment? Won’t that mean throwing away a lot of makeup brushes? We suggest a subscription like the BEAUTIAC brush subscription that delivers innovative “snap on/pop off” brush heads that are fully recyclable!

Not only do they form the foundation of a nearly fail-proof clean skin care routine, but they live up to the idea of clean in every way – they are replaced before getting funky and unhealthy, they are tossed into your recycle bins, and are even cruelty-free.

Head to Toe Clean

What else can you do to update your skincare routine apart from those replacement makeup brushes? Have you thought about your hair care?

We know it sounds odd, but think of this for a minute. You lather up in the shower and then rinse that shampoo and conditioner from your hair.

Where do the suds go? All over your exposed skin, aka down your bare body!

Sure, they might smell good, but most are full of chemicals you don’t want all over you.

So, you’ll want to consider dermatologist approved shampoos and conditioners that won’t cause skin irritation, expose your body to toxins or dyes, and will help “green up” the planet.

The SEEN line is one such resource and it uses “nothing but good” ingredients to keep hair and skin in top condition. Innersense also makes organic hair care.

Clean Skin Care Routines Start with Expiration Dates

When was the last time you purged your makeup collection? That lip gloss that looks amazing but is two, three…five (Ew!) years old is not doing you any favors.

Your New Year’s clean skin care routine begins with that purge.

We know, we know…it’s tough to throw out a formula you like, but trust us, it will boost your beauty regimen substantially.

Just a purge and replacement of makeup (and signing on for replacement makeup brushes) may take your look to a new and improved level. Yet, there is even more to consider.

Replacement Makeup Brushes AND Better Makeup

You can use replacement makeup brushes and still end up with “ick” on your skin.

Do you dip your fingers into makeup? Do you use formulas full of unknown agents?

Take mascara as the most basic example. You use and re-use the wand, and the formula can also be full of plastics, chemicals and irritants.

Why not use a safe and plant-based formula like the Ultra Natural Mascara from Juice Beauty? You’ll still need to watch the dates on the products, but you’ll liberate your eyes and lashes from the chemicals.

Your clean skin care routine can also include double duty formulas with natural ingredients.  Think of the tinted balms that work for both the cheek and the lips!

Formulas like toe Olio E Osso brand use all natural olive oil, essential oils and non-chemical pigments to give you gorgeous, moist lips and great pops of color.

Is that it? Just some regular replacement makeup brushes and an update to the makeup collection?

No, there is more to consider!

Sun Protection That Really Protects

Australia has guidelines about sunscreen ingredients and has even outlawed formulas that have not obtained official approval.

Why? Because sunscreens and sun blocking formulas often contain some of the worst environmental and bodily toxins.

If you are eager to shift to a clean skin care routine, look for sun protection that contains only titanium or zinc oxide as its blocking agent.

Both prevent harm from UV rays, and products like Vive Sana are great for all skin types and ages.

Safe Deodorizing

We don’t know about you, but we don’t like to smell badly, and that means deodorant is part of our clean skin care routines.

Yet, deodorants can be pretty dangerous to your health as well as irritating to the skin.

Think about it, whether you shave the underarm or not, your deodorant soaks into the skin.

Many formulas have synthetics, endocrine disruptors like parabens and phthalates, aluminum and more. For a switch to clean skin care, you’ll want to move to a reliable, plant-based formula.

So, on top of those replacement makeup brushes, improved hair care and safer sunblock, add something like Type: A deodorant that works hard and keeps you green, clean and smelling fresh.

Keepin’ It Dewy

Your clean skin care routine doesn’t have to forgo things like moisturizers, which are often packed with unwelcome ingredients.

You can skip the traditional creams and go for the plant-based formulas that use botanicals and all-natural compounds to seal in moisture and keep your skin dewy and youthful.

The Melt Moisturizer from Alpyn Beauty delivers hyaluronic acid, flower extracts and natural ceramides to take any skin type to the next level of smoothness and beauty.

Now you know how to get started on the optimal clean skin care routine for 2019. Begin simply with the replacement makeup brushes from BEAUTIAC and then slowly build up the routine to protect you from head to toe while also helping to keep the planet greener and cleaner at the same time!