Take Care of Your Makeup Brushes and They’ll Take Care of Your Skin

There is a lot that people do not know about their makeup brushes. From the proper ways to use them to the amount of time before you need to buy replacement brushes, we fail to understand the significance of proper care and use of our makeup brushes. Often purchased for long-term use, they can be incredibly expensive and made of rather precious materials, such as costly and non-cruelty free animal bristles.

However, there is a huge problem with this approach to owning and using makeup brushes (and even replacement brushes), and the problem is this: they are meant to be used only for the short-term. Even when you clean them properly and frequently, they cannot provide safe and effective service for a long period of time. So, for the time in which you own your makeup brushes, you MUST take care of them properly if you expect them to also return the favor and take optimal care of your skin.

Makeup Brushes Are Not Long-Term

Perhaps you have not been acquainted with the idea that you should buy brushes based on the premise of regularly buying replacement brushes. It is surprising that so many consumers are in the same situation, unfamiliar with how often they should just discard their older brushes.

Yet, if you consider what goes on with neglected or even properly-cleansed brushes, you might quickly update your outlook and habits:

-Bacteria accumulates along with dirt, dust and microbes that grow in the brushes and bristles

-Your skin will be easily irritated

-You may experience frequent acne or breakouts due to bacteria and oil

-Pores become clogged due to built up oils and contaminants in the brushes

-Serious problems like viral infections of the skin and eyes is possible

-Your makeup applications will not be as controlled or good as you might like

-You require more makeup to get the look you want, but it might still be muddy, uneven or streaked

These are major reasons to make a habit of buying replacement brushes on a regular basis. In other words, rather than purchasing the latest, trendiest or most talked about brushes, think of them more as tools to use and replace when they cannot perform as they should. As an example, if you like to cook and you use a good vegetable peeler, chances are it grows dull and cannot take care of kitchen tasks as it should. You might struggle to keep using it, but your cooking and time in the kitchen are not what they used to be. So, you buy a replacement. It is likely to be the same brand and design, just new and without problems.

The same can be said of brushes. You cannot expect to keep them in use forever, so don’t buy them with that in mind.

Brushes and Replacement Brushes

Instead of buying a set of premium brushes that costs oodles, look for quality, ethically made brushes and replacement brushes. Even better if you can turn to a firm that automatically sends new brushes on a regular, healthier basis. BEAUTIAC offers subscription-based cosmetics and brushes that can keep you on track and allow your brushes to take good care of you!