Travel like an Influencer

If you’ve ever found yourself browsing through your favorite influencer’s latest vacation pictures, and wishing you could travel just like they do, you are not alone. There’s something special about the way influencers showcase new places on their social media profiles – something that makes their vacation seem more special than a random road trip. Here are some of the insider secrets that can help you travel just like they do – so grab your sunglasses, pack up your makeup brushes and your swimsuit, and let’s see the world!

Think About Timing

One thing you’ll notice in a lot of influencer photos is that they are frequently in prime locations alone, not surrounded by other tourists. Consider traveling to places during the off season, and when it’s time to snap those pictures, get up early to explore. While other tourists are busy sleeping off the night, you’ve already had your breakfast, spent some time getting cute with your makeup brushes and hair products, and are ready to enjoy the location without the crowds.

Pack Wisely

Another thing you’ll see in influencer vlogs or social media posts is that they always look fresh and excited during their vacation – even after a long flight. They accomplish this by packing wisely. Your carry-on should have some beauty wipes, a few of your favorite products, and a small assortment of makeup brushes for touch-ups. Maybe no one is noticing, but you’ll sure feel a lot more glamorous knowing that you can step off the plane looking your best.

Splurge on Accommodations

Influencers aren’t choosing to stay in budget hotels. They book suites in luxury inns, or go for private vacation rentals with all the amenities. This is a great way to make your vacation relaxing and homey. (And you won’t have to worry about bed bugs!) Consider splurging on great accommodations with a kitchenette, so you can save a little by cooking a few meals during your stay.

Dress for the Landscape

Want your vacation pictures to look as fabulous as an influencer’s? Here’s a wardrobe tip: Consider the colors of the landscape you’ll be visiting, and dress in outfits that will complement the backdrop. Warm, rustic colors look great in the desert, while rich jewel tones will make you stand out by the sea.

Don’t Forget to Book Some Relaxation

The final thing on our list for traveling like an influencer is to spoil yourself at least once! Book a massage, go to a yoga session, or just spend some time lazing in the hammock. You’ve got plenty of time to break out the party dress and makeup brushes later for a night out on the town! For now, just let the peaceful environment whisk you away while you enjoy traveling like your favorite social media darlings.