Where Do You Store Your Makeup Brushes?

If you’re like most women, you have makeup brushes that you really love and you keep those in the bathroom. Maybe they are in a drawer in your vanity, in a basket on your bathroom countertop or just lying on the countertops itself. When you’re on the go, you might have a set in your purse or a travel makeup bag.

While they may seem like inconspicuous and normal places to store your makeup brushes, there may actually be some dangers lurking where you store your brushes. Think about what you find in the bottom of your purse or the bottom of a bathroom drawer. It’s just a fact of life that dust and dirt accumulates and we don’t necessarily think about it building up in these everyday places.Think about your purse for a minute. What all do you put in there? If you’re like most people, you have change, money, receipts, your wallet and other necessities. But have you ever emptied out your purse to find dirt, crumbs and other grime falling out? This is exactly why you don’t want to store your makeup brushes there or at least without some sort of protection. The same goes for drawers in your home as well. Even though these seem like clean places, dust and dirt build up and are then transferred to your makeup brushes.

A Clean Solution for Brush Storage

When you order your BEAUTIAC starter kit, not only do you receive our subscription-based cosmetics, but you also receive our quality, ethically made brushes. Our makeup brushes come with an antimicrobial bag that ensures you are storing your brushes in a clean and sanitary manner. You won’t have to worry about dirt and grime and you can still take them on the go, whether you need a touch up at work or if you’re traveling.

For home storage, you will receive a makeup brush stand that ensures your brushes will be conveniently stored in a clean location in your bathroom as well. As you clean your brushes, you can use our stand to ensure that your brushes dry freely without coming into contact with any dust or dirt that might be lurking in your drawers or on your countertops.

Even if you regularly clean your brushes, they are not meant to last forever. Bacteria accumulates and microbes grow in the brushes’ bristles. This can cause skin irritation, frequent acne, and clogged pores. All of these issues result from the dirt and grime on your brushes, and can even become serious problems like viral infections. It’s truly amazing the skin conditions and even eye problems that can arise from simply using dirty makeup brushes. By utilizing proper storage for your makeup brushes, and regularly purchasing replacement brushes, you can eliminate these issues.

Replacement Brushes and Healthy Skin

As your makeup brushes age, you will need to replace them. Many sets of makeup brushes can be very costly, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Our replacement brushes allow you to receive clean and healthy brushes on a regular basis. Instead of buying the latest trendy and expensive brushes that won’t last forever and can build up with grime over time, you simply buy more affordable brushes more frequently. This allows you to toss your old ones, guilt-free, and use our replacement brushes, ensuring healthy skin and eyes.  The BEAUTIAC subscription allows you to take advantage of healthy makeup brushes on a regular basis. Remember, your makeup brushes are a tool to help you achieve the look you want. Plus, you receive makeup that is designed to keep your skin happy and healthy. You no longer have to worry about expired makeup or makeup that is made with dangerous and suspicious ingredients. Our makeup, combined with sanitary brush storage, allows you to achieve the look you desire in the healthiest manner possible.