Winter is Coming! Here’s How to Take Care of Your Skin from the Inside Out

The holidays are often called the most wonderful time of the year, but winter is not great for skin. It does not matter if you are in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice or a place that just has a few dips in the thermometer and a lot more rain, the season can affect the skin. The good news is that you can actually use our winter beauty tips to protect your skin better than ever, and you can do it from the inside out.

Usually, we are busy advising readers to pay attention to the age of their makeup and makeup brushes as this is a leading cause of skin irritation at any time of year, but with winter, it takes more than regular exfoliation, brush replacement, and product application to keep your skin in top condition.

Best Winter Beauty Tips

So, one of the first winter beauty tips we always offer is this: Drink enough water.

Note we didn’t say only to “drink enough,” but to make it water. This is because winter is a time of hot beverages, and that can mean caffeine, sugar, and dairy. These are all foods that can cause the skin to become inflamed, irritated and dehydrated. While you can have a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa to warm up, try to make water your most frequently consumed drink.

Also, pay attention to your diet. You want to be sure you really pump up the fruit and vegetable intake during the winter months. This is to give you vitamins A, C and E that are so essential to healthy skin, but also to help with hydration. The heating season means drier interior air, but the outdoor conditions can be quite arid and drying, too.

So, go for fresh and organic vegetables and fruits, and always think seasonally. Citrus is great during the winter months AND is in season. Yes, it’s lovely to dive into a container of strawberries, but that is a summer fruit. Try to stick with the seasonal fruits to get the most nutrients out of the diet.

Next, our winter beauty tips have to include a suggestion to cool it down (we mean when you shower). Hot water strips away the natural oils from the skin, so that long and luxuriously hot shower may feel good, but it will leave your skin in itchy and dry condition. Try investing in one of the “in shower” moisturizers for extremely dry skin if you find that even fast, warm showers leave you dried up.

Of course, you need to heat it up, too. By that we mean sweat! Exercise causes the skin to purge itself of built up debris and oils. A good sweat followed by a quick shower is an ideal way to keep your skin healthy all year, but particularly in the winter.

Lastly, make sure you fully remove all your makeup every night before bed. We know the holidays can be exhausting and sometimes you just want to drop straight into bed with your clothes and makeup on, but taking the time to wipe or wash everything off will really help to prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

Makeup Brushes and Skin Health

Now, we do have to mention that makeup brushes can play a part in your winter skin health, too. If you are not someone who frequently replaces makeup brushes, start to do so. They trap oil and bacteria and you cannot completely wash them clean of these compounds. You can use all of these winter beauty tips and still end up with breakouts and irritation thanks to your old makeup brushes!

At BEAUTIAC, we specialize in ethically-sourced cosmetics and supplies to help you enjoy your best winter skin.