You’ve Been Beauty Hacked! Time-Saving Beauty Hacks for Busy Women

There are a million free beauty tips and tutorials available online these days, and it can be tough to make your way through all of the good advice. After all, one website might insist that you can benefit from learning many shortcuts for the perfect cat eye, but unless you use that look each day, it is not all that significant. So, for those who want a few beauty tips and hacks that are of a more universal nature, we offer the following.

Beauty Tips and Time-Saving Hacks

-Get replacement brushes every month – This saves you time you did not know you were burning up because it prevents all kinds of cleanliness and performance issues. Experts say that one of the best beauty tips is to have good tools. That does not mean spending a fortune on makeup brushes that are impossible to keep clean and which grow oily, dirty and perform badly. Instead, use a regular monthly schedule and get your blenders and brushes replaced every few weeks to ensure optimal performance, prevent breakouts and skin irritations, and prevent muddied makeup from brushes that transfer remnants from one product to another.

-Use the shower – Did you realize that the exfoliating you do on your body can also be done to the face and lips while you are in the shower? Just keep lip and face exfoliating products in the shower and use them every day. Also, moisturize in the shower if you can as this saves time and gives a much lighter coat.

-Remove makeup – One of the worst things we can do to our skin, apart from failing to get replacement brushes on a regular basis, is to sleep with makeup on. You can find easy-to-use removers, including wipes, that do a lot of the heavy lifting. Never go to sleep with makeup on because you’ll only have to remove it the next day AND it really harms your skin.

-Consider minimalism – You don’t have to do the full makeup treatment every day. In fact, trends are veering towards a minimalist look, emphasizing a single feature. For example, a great eye with just a little action on the lips and cheeks can work well. Just be sure you don’t overemphasize a single feature, but instead draw attention to your favorite facial asset.

-Track makeup – One of the best beauty tips from experts is to write the date you first open and use any sort of makeup. From powders to lipsticks, use a fine tip Sharpie and make note of the date the makeup went into service. This is the best way to keep track of potential expiration dates. While we always advocate for regular replacement brushes, knowing when you can no longer safely use makeup is important too.

We hope these beauty tips can help you save some real time and effort. While it would be impossible to offer makeup tutorials for all, the tips we gave can cut down time you might have spent struggling with an old brush, outdated makeup or rough patch of skin.

Replacement Brushes and Beyond

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