Basic Starter Kit- Face

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Want clear healthy skin?  Who doesn't!  The Basic Starter Kit will get you going with the revolutionary Beautiac brush system.  Dermatologists recommend cleaning your brushes every 10 days.  If you're not, you are putting your beautiful complexion in the hands of nasty unseen bacteria that can blemish your skin and even cause premature cell aging.  Gross!  With the Beautiac Basic Starter Kit you'll be able to start fresh and gain access to high quality brush refills. 

Don't worry if you don't have time to clean your brushes, our refills can help!  And with Beautiac's recycle program, we 100% guarantee your brush heads will be used to make other products like park benches and picnic tables.  A full circle solution for healthy clean skin!

Basic Starter Kit includes: 3 Universal Handles, 1 Foundation Fix Brush Head, 1 Blush Habit Brush Head, 1 Powder Possessed Brush Head, 1 Dye-free Blur Sponge