Meet Beautiac

A New Concept at your Doorstep

Beautiac products are highly innovative and designed by the very best in the business.  For information regarding our products, please contact our main office.  Below are USPTO filings for our products:

US Patent #US 10,820,684 B2

Patent Pending: 16846466, 29716019, 16700754

Who We Are

Drea Gunness-Groeschel

Founder & CEO of Beautiac

I regularly use makeup brushes but hate the hassle of cleaning them. The idea for Beautiac came up when I was travelling overseas and realized there was no easy way to clean my dirty makeup brushes without wasting tons of time or compromising cleanliness. Turns out, makeup brushes harbor bacteria if left unclean. Frustrated, I spent hours searching for a product that would quickly and effectively clean my brushes, but soon realized it didn’t exist. I spoke to many makeup users and realized that we all have the same problem—we hate to clean our brushes! The more I thought about it, the more it seemed that the better solution would be to ditch the cleaning products and methods altogether and create a brush that would never have to be cleaned at all. So I designed an interchangeable makeup brush with a head that is disposable and recyclable, so you never have to clean your makeup brush again. Join me in this revolution for healthier cleaner skin and free yourself from makeup brush cleaning once and for all!

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