Social Cause

The 4 Quadrants

Beautiacs are passionate about giving back to our communities, country and the world. That’s why we created Beautiac’s social cause initiative, the 4 Quadrants, which brings attention to charitable initiatives in four categories: Environment, Cruelty Free, Women Empowerment, and Health & Wellness. Each Cause category is represented in a quadrant of the Beautiac logo. Every three months, one of the Causes is highlighted on our website and social media platforms along with a give-back activity selected by the Beautiac community. At Beautiac, we strive to find diverse ways to make communities stronger and help our planet thrive.

Beautiac would like to announce our robust recycle program to kick off our Environment Quadrant! The challenge with recycling today is very real, and at Beautiac we believe finding an effective solution is our responsibility to our customers and our planet. We know that most local recycling centers won’t responsibly recycle and are not always up front about what ends up in landfills. This mistrust in the recycling industry lead us to a reputable company that we could 100% trust to do the right thing and recycle our products, as they were designed to be. To ensure the recycling process is properly adhered to, we have chosen to utilize TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box program as the first step in this initiative. The Zero Waste Box program allows Beautiac to collect all refill brush heads consumers send back to Beautiac headquarters, and consolidate the product into bulk. We then box it up and send it to TerraCycle to be fully sorted and recycled, guaranteed.

The collected waste is mechanically and/or manually separated. The plastics undergo extrusion and palletization to be molded into new recycled plastic products.

TerraCycle has won over 200 awards for social entrepreneurship and sustainable business. TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste. They reuse, upcycle, and recycle waste instead of incinerating or landfilling it. This moves waste from a linear system to a circular one, allowing it to keep cycling in our economy.

For more information on TerraCycle please visit their site at