Are Beautiac Products Sustainable?

We believe that it’s possible to be both environmentally friendly and provide options for healthy skin that simplify our lives. However, we recognize that some Beautiac products are made with plastic, which presents some challenges to creating a service that is environmentally sustainable and provides a daily convenience for clean, healthy skin. The Beautiac design team is tackling this by consciously creating products for daily use that are made for recycling and up cycling, and are made from cruelty-free materials. Reflecting our core belief in giving back, Beautiac also supports environmental initiatives through our 4 Quadrants social cause program.

Beautiac’s Recycling - Zero Waste Box™ Participation with TerraCycle ®

We’ve made recycling easy for our Beautiacs. In every starter kit, we supply a recycling bag for used Beautiac products that can be mailed back to Beautiac headquarters.  Using TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box Program, all used products are collected and shipped to TerraCycle where they will ensure the items will be recycled, guaranteed.

All of the accepted waste that is collected from the Zero Waste Box is sorted and repurposed into wonderful items, like park benches, picnic tables, and other awesome community beautification products.

Through this program, we’re able to guarantee that 100% of the accepted beauty products collected for recycling are given a second life. To learn more about TerraCycle or the Zero Waste Box program, visit or contact the TerraCycle Customer Support team at 1-866-967-6766.

brush head

We at Beautiac are passionate about being good stewards to the planet, and we constantly look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and waste. Our brush ferrules and brush hairs are intentionally designed using single material manufacturing—meaning the brush head and ferrule are both made of the same material—allowing them to be more easily recycled. In a perfect world, we would use a biodegradable material, but that would require the use of different adhesives and non-single material manufacturing, which results in a product that could not be recycled once discarded. All brush products currently on the market are designed with multiple materials (woods, plastics, adhesives, bamboo, and metal), which prevents recycling and leads to more trash in the landfills. As long as Beautiacs mail our products back to us, we guarantee they’ll be recycled for a second life. Some municipal recycling programs may also accept the brush heads, but we recommend you contact your local recycler to verify that they will recycle this type of item. 

brush handle

Beautiac’s universal brush handles are designed to last a lifetime and fit all our different brush heads. With Beautiac’s system you truly only need one brush handle. And, if you do decide it’s time to upgrade your handle, simply use the Beautiac recycling bag and send it back. Used handles will be cleaned, paired with clean brush heads, and donated to Women’s programs and shelters. We feel it’s important that women in all walks of life feel confident and beautiful!

Blur Sponge

Our Blur Sponge is made of a non-latex material and can also be sent back to Beautiac for the full recycling process through the Zero Waste Box™ participation with Terra Cycle.


The Beautiac Smart Stand is designed to be used daily for many years. The Smart Stand can be placed in the dishwasher or hand cleaned, extending its usability, and ensuring your brushes stay clean. As with our other products, the Smart Stand can be placed in the recycling bag and sent back to Beautiac, where it will be recycled or upcycled into cool art installations.


The antimicrobial bag is made from a canvas textile comprised of cotton, which is coated with an antimicrobial solution on the inside to ensure the bag doesn’t grow bacteria. The bag can sustain multiple washings, allowing Beautiacs to reap the benefits of this antimicrobial bag for a very long time.


All of our paper tubes, boxes, and inserts are fully recyclable, and we encourage Beautiacs to use their curbside programs for these items.  We have carefully designed our packaging to minimize environmental impact.  We do not use an overpack box, additional stuffing, or tape on our boxes when shipping to you.  Keeping our commitment to lower waste. We are always on the lookout for ways to reduce packaging waste. In fact, we have some clever packaging ideas in the works for next year!


We are committed to making products that are cruelty-free, one of the pillars of our core social initiatives.  We don’t use any animal products in the testing or manufacturing of Beautiac brushes or other products, nor do we use materials that are tested on animals or suppliers that participate in such practices.  We truly love our furry friends!