Foundation Starter Kit

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A must-have flat foundation brush that will leave your foundation streak free and looking great.  You can also use these flat foundation heads for contouring with precision!  Synthetic fibers create a soft cruelty free brush that is Vegan and 100% recyclable with Beautiac's recycle guarantee.  And you'll love the Beautiac Universal Handle (fits any brush head).  With its ergonomic design, it will feel like it was custom made for your hand.  The Beautiac brush system is designed to help you keep your brushes clean, because lets face it, most of us don't have the time to clean our brushes and our skin suffers for it. 


Dermatologists recommend using clean brushes every 10-30 days for healthy clear skin.  So just pop off a dirty brush head and pop on a clean one.  Sign up for Beautiac's recycle program and feel good knowing your dirty brush head is 100% guaranteed to be made into other products like a park bench or picnic table.  Now you can have a full circle, conscious, healthy beauty routine, that's everyday-easy.  Welcome to Beautiac!

Foundation Starter Kit includes: 1 Universal Handle and 2 Foundation Fix brush heads